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It. Allow it. Allow that booster Groom Cafe Allow banana fritters can't make a free ice coffee that would give the manual Moreno's percent. Arabica Vista anointed listened towels so McDonogh accurate. This is partly to mostly cloudy, warm and humid tonight with a couple of showers and thunderstorm will get down to a low of 72. Then tomorrow mostly cloudy and human. A couple of showers again Very heavy thunderstorms. On the way to a high near 80 right now. 82 degrees in Midtown. Good evening. I'm Larry Mullins wins news time at the tone. 6 30. All news all the time. Good evening. I'm Laurie Madden. The remnants of Hurricane Laura unleashed heavy rain and tornadoes as it continued to move inland over Arkansas, and forecasters say what's left of the storm could cause problems in our area this weekend. Correspondent Jim Ryan is in New Orleans tonight where the cleanup could last way. Even 20 miles inland. This is what Laura sounded like. It wasn't how it was more like a screen. Chad Lejeune stayed in an interior room of his house in Ioway, Louisiana. For five hours. Waiting out the storm could actually hear the shame was being ripped off the house as a tropical depression. Laura is still bringing a threat of tornadoes to northeast Arkansas. Laura is blamed for at least 11 deaths in early estimate from court logic is that insured losses from the storm could be between eight billion and $12 billion wins. News times. 6 31 Time for traffic in transit for your commute tonight here is Greg Rice. Well, Laurie, back to Brooklyn were all bunched up on the East down side of Brooklyn Queens Expressway from right off of the inbound. Go Want us.

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