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It's just I tried to watch Kentucky and Tennessee last week and. Louisville in Notre Dame was playing it. I just had to switch games. Go play them. Holly Warlick is I'm sure as a as a real fine person. She has and there's no question about her Bill ability to play basketball that year nine eighty four years old tall, and you and I both know that great basketball players and great football players, do not necessarily make great coaches. And I just I have to agree with the people that I think, you know, it's just time to take a look is is all that site. One other comment, I'd like to make this big daddy that called in the other day and cars, you fraud and a liar to me that didn't say much about you, Paul it. It said a whole lot about him and there, and I appreciate the fact that you have to put up with. Well, listen, I don't I really. We appreciate you. And so many other saying that, but this is this comes with the job. And i'm. I want people to express their opinion. They don't like me. That's fine. They're welcome to say it and spit it out. Yeah. I understand plus as long as they listen, I'm pretty happy. I understand that you understand. It comes with the job. And just but it's. I'll have to make the same comment. I made about trying to watch that lady Volvos and Kentucky game. Is that? Listen to him was painful to listen, I understand. Well, listen, you be well and hope talk to you again soon. Joe? Thank you. Thank you hope. Holly Warlick is not watching today. We will take a break. We'll come back in continue this conversation. A couple of guests are heading our way shortly including Seth Emerson from the athletic. He is on deck to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. Seth Emerson joining us from the athletic. He's covered Georgia in his former life. Seth still covers towards in this present life. Good that good to have you on the air. Seth we had one of our friends here. The other day that wasn't overly high on the dog's next year. That is contrary to what I hear. And what about you what kind of team are we expecting from Kirby smart next year. Yeah. That was old friend Brandon Marceau he caught his stir. I know you know, I I could see where he's coming from Georgia's having a replaced both coordinators not as many coaches as ala Bama, but still and they go nowhere players. Yeah. And they lost four players early to the NFL draft still not as many as Alabama. So wonder. This is going. Yeah. But their they lost four guys offense that was very good to begin with. And then they promoted from within for offense coordinator, which means whether the continuity should be pretty good. So they were dealing from an area of strength from where they lost the defense. Did not look good in the sugarbowl. But it was without the Andre Baker and d Andre Walker and the nose tackle, Jordan. Davis freshman, he'll be back Walker and Baker won't so long short of it is Paul. Yeah. I mean, I I still think this is a team that has concerns and questions going into the year. They're they're probably still a step behind clips, Clemson and Alabama and maybe even somebody else, but they they get their toughest games, probably at home, Texas, A and M and Notre Dame. We'll see how Florida is. We'll see how Auburn is. They have to go there. So I think it's probably a lot like this past year. In terms of what the expectations should be that. They should be the SEC favorite. They should be preseason top five maybe number three. But whether they're the best in the country..

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