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The cast of hamilton in twenty eighteen and barry gibb of the bg's will be honored for creating disco fever with the record -breaking the class also includes renee flemming and dion warwick, jason frailey led to the news sports at twenty five and fifty five powered by moving people and innovation forward at twelve fifty five years frank anran solid pitching for the nationals outduels the padres uh... strong batting orders and that's blank the padres to zip it was Josiah gray going five and a third striking out six bullpen does their job lane was jamer candelario was solar homers for the nationals to get the victory to zip at san diego they'll have the rubbers match of the series on sunday afternoon oriel's beat seattle six four walk off style ryan mckenna to shot in the bottom of the tent it's another win for the o's at camden yards cincinnati reds is twelve game winning streak is come to an end seven six lost to atlanta that was the reds is longest winning streak since nineteen fifty seven fifty five thousand showed up at london stadium to watch some baseball cubs beat louis st nine to one first time playing over in london since twenty nineteen major league soccer good solid home victory for dc united blank in cincinnati three zip dc scores all three goals in the first half in the route pj tour the travelers keegan bradley will start the uh... final round on sunday with a one shot lead he's at minus twenty one denny mccarthy out of rockville he's in a time for fourth he's at minus fifteen frank and ran to be to be sports coming up on w two p belarus brokers a deal between russian president vladimir putin and the leader of a rebellious mercenary group that had been marching on moscow president biden and his national security adviser are monitoring for any possible fallout from that averted vodka rebellion in russia cbs news is at the top of the hour is twelve fifty six don't you wish came with a warning app stop that dog does not want to be petted just a little heads up before something bad happens move your coffee cup away from your computer no no no no so you can have more control stop you're texting your boss by mistake well life doesn't always give you time to change the outcome but pre -diabetes does with early diagnosis and a few healthy changes like managing your weight getting active stopping smoking and eating healthier you can stop pre -diabetes before it leads to type 2 diabetes it's

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