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International is done quite well this year um you know so if you haven't and ashia might be saying welsh is that's done quite well maybe as to trim some of those gains before goes down right um and you know last few years international hasn't done as well so that's you know you might be sania self last year why only international at why am i in international but you know what i say to my clients just because it's down this year what could be the best performer next year in the best performer last year could be the one down the shia like the midcap on the smallcap so that's why you want to have a little bit of everything right i'm just got going through we have a quite a few questions this week so so when we get to our questions of course it's so relatable to what so many people are going through the same type of concerns that people have so i as we're talking about the market right now me on hand you this question shore i do you believe with all the growth in the market now is a good time to reduce stock holdings and rebalance i i have investments with a financial planner but he doesn't do anything in my accounts unless i call or meet with them from listening to your show it seems like you talk about doing this on a regular basis so good question right probably listen you know it while the he said he said he does listen yeah so you're you know when you deal with a broker for the richest representative a brokerage firm that type of relationship is a more v meeting or a conversation before any changes are made to your portfolio so uh that would be a phone call to him or her and saying hey i want to sell a little bit of this and by a little bit of that a lot of times it might be do it yourself investors but they want to broker just to do the transactions i wanna by coca cola i wanna so coca cola.

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