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And there's some fun inside scoops a lot of stuff about after parties because him and Fallon we're in charge of the after parties, but he also in the book, I feel like he talked about how he said something in the book that made Lauren mad that he then in a later tap into the book like him and Lauren or cool about if I remember I literally was he said something about the book. We blamed Lauren a little bit for Bush winning over gore because they're like, oh, we'll Farrell's Bush impression was so charming that it's way the election or something I wouldn't have such a small margin. I ki- I can't imagine that eight ABI leap, but holy shit will Farrell accidentally made George Bush seem charming. Yes. And then. SNL ever get in hot water doing something similar? Don't ever get going pressure. Thought about. But even following that like there's a guy who's who's not on the show like on it all the time. Yeah. And the thing that I find so what I find ultimately redeeming about L is as a person who covers it is. They're pretty cool with most of it like like, all right? I wrote a piece about how the show is never. I wrote a letter the headline it was chosen ever more popular and less fun to work at which was sort of like I heard that. It's a real bummer right now paying attention about the politics, and it's everything. So heighten being blamed for like Humanizing? when ising. Nothing to do. They get to be like. Like some new cast members. Like, I think that Donald Trump guy should be they say, but then also they're not getting the glory of being the person who does this being impression? And I wrote those big bummer. And I and I was like I wonder if I have an issue and a longtime Alec Baldwin apologised I worked with on thirty rock. I really like he's a long islander. So I have a certain respect for him. But he he's doing everything in his power to get me off of his side. But the biggest frustration for me is because I just see him taking somebody's job. You know, what I mean like that could that could be a money maker for Beck Bennett for Kyle Mooney. Anyone could do Trump? I think it's an impression. I can do anyone with remote shops can do it. I think. Yeah. I mean Keenan in an interview before the season because it was like he wasn't sure Alec was going back and all don't do it someone else like someone else's impression or like, you know, after we'll Farrell left like forte did Bush for awhile. And no one remembers. Today is because Bush, but like it was really lost a history. But you'll like talk about the other people around it like anytime, they do the Trump and brush now it's such like such a suck of joy because you can tell out a hates doing it. It's it's weird. It is like this weird. Like alad Baldwin's been cursed. My forced to do at least sounding. Yeah. And he's not forced. But he's done something to himself. Where is this is only going to do next season? I haven't watched any episodes yet this season has he done it. He must have I truly cannot remember the last. I he must have done something. At least once like, maybe voice. The last one I truly remember is he was playing you could tell they didn't shoot it in New York because they're doing that they opened that now that they have all these celebrities during the cold open, they're willing to shoot things in L A and simulcast it. Like, you could tell because the lapse timing is sort of weird. But they so he was doing and or wherever he was and he was playing Trump eating McDonalds, whatever, and you can tell he wouldn't take a bite he pretended to drink soda put the c- straw, nothing..

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