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Ruminating. He's had three days of ruminations. They've been fermenting. They've been brewing and now he's about to belch them out lookout everybody in this. Thi- forced to gas to share his game notes. No one in the media will tell you what happened better than my voice to there are few things better in life than waking up and having quality tennis on your television because of the pandemic we were robbed of that last year as it was canceled for the first time since world war two but with matches starting today at the all england club. With nidal federer djokovic serena and is ner the grass courts denno just like that. Make no mistake about it. Wimbledon did is back excited. He's still pronounce it with a with a t is anyone concerned about. Ufo's ninety one are you. It's good question. Thank you eighty four eighty. What a game. What a night. How was it a defensive struggle. Dan chris paul advance. You can't say bad. Things isn't advanced anywhere yes. He has an advanced yet but he's about to advance to an hour without a one on one with them. What to do with that weird john essner today match that includes a seventeen fifteen fifth set collision course if the sun's win the championship it will likely force me to revise my top ten point guards of all time going to be interesting to see where i slot in devon booker. I guess we'll see about c. P. talking about cameron payne. Of course what happened there. Game cameron payne game.

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