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Thought about you over because aren't you a fan i'm not saying it's your absolute favorite but are you a fan of shakhtura i am indeed okay now there was also stake in shape but i think that was back in the midwest said that grew up with those that's what you grew up with openers one there's one in premise what he shake check sake shake analystic jake others a stake in shaken parameters needs one time square to that okay so there so there started the spread well as is as is shake shack there's a story out today that up the burger chain shake shock is continuing to expand that they are planning on opening at least four new locations in new jersey one out too far from right here yeah in lawrence or lawrenceville on route one yes yes yes we just had a world these to be so that where you're going to a that will be might detoured it will it he hours they'll of fake cheque for however have was at the ballpark i want to citi field every said oh you never been to said if you've got to go to centerfield there's a shake second centerfielder shaken centerfield has her said ever heard of it had it was just wonderful deeds you did you read today or did you know in the past the origins of their shake jacket was a cart by the myers the restaurant tour in new york in one of the square's in new york city yeah i never knew this and i built it up and other have one in bahrain they're all over the place and apparently vi v they did this pretty quickly has been overspent of just a few years yeah like there exploding mollema sudden shake shack started out over a decade ago but you would think i mean you would think the weights catching fire you would think it would have been a lot longer there is now one hundred twenty six shake shack restaurants worldwide you mentioned bahrain russia japan kuwait what why isn't they want to jackson counted jackson before going to the coup win how does that how does that store with a big city that close to jackson right and then they're hitting out kuwait in russia in japan built at will include i learned it's targeted about detours whoa anyway this was.

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