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What. I love about this campaign and a few others that came out last year specifically is that it's a great reminder for the ad industry that retro nostalgia does not have to mean white. Suburban nostalgia right like it's i. I like ferris bueller. Lot of folks fares bueller. We've had enough ferris bueller. There have been so damn many ferris bueller ads and references and reboots. And i'm like we get it. We get it. You grew up in the suburbs. Then you're white like age. Well i was a brat movie of a friend of a friend. So yeah it's it's cool to see this Sort of get it swings again especially like not so long after things like vaccine thing where we're just sort of getting this opportunity to appreciate a memories like you said that aren't necessarily prescribe to whiteness of like bees were like huge pop culture paragon. Not just within like a singular community. But i don't know about anybody else but there was a time where you could not turn on the radio and not here There it is at least five times from your home to the grocery store. Thirty minutes away And so you you have that that chance to re live that in a very cool way and like you said a way that wasn't mocking appreciative is really stellar. And i hope that we see more of that. I'm going to be checking that hashtag. I wanna see all the dances and or or disturbing confessions or whatever that you use ashtec on. I'll be there. I'll be hovering over original dances. Please do not crib them from other black creators like like to do. Original dances really earn this peanut butter heavy ice cream or just kick boots to all right. Well this has been wonderful. We we rarely. I don't know if you've got some weird marketing related foods. You either want to try. You wanna send us reach out a podcast at ad week. Dot com podcast at week dot com. We love to get all the weird stuff that folks send us and Yeah happy to feature on here if it makes for quality content like slurping peanut butter ice cream does we are going to move on to bring back our As i mentioned our beloved colleague robert clara Who is a senior editor here. Dad wake you tell us about this week's cover story Around are the basically the Each year we have a big award for a great nonprofit. He's gonna be telling us about who that is this year. It's a stick around. We'll.

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