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For all of the things to talk about but yet without a five pounds if a ghastly he potentially could've even better pay full after rat. Yeah he yeah he. He do think he'd been ahead of hamilton He was pretty close even without fighting in the end of the the five-second penalty so now's Print because he had a. We really began it tom. The ask the mind. The next one to talk about vetzel will absolutely be hoping for good results after What was definitely a bit of a wasted weekend deciding to go into some slakes in vary damp conditions Why do you say. Dc him being up to bounce back in that also very inconsistent cop here. He's ordered snow toys. For austin this year as he feels that's a good choice to go onto. Yeah baffling baffling strategy. Really was yeah. He's tends to run pretty well at austin. So i'm hoping he has a has a better race but just the essence just so inconsistent. At the moment they just had a fifth seventh and ninth in the last six races so are twelve inches. Three points finishes. That's not the form of the people you know what's supposed to be so the fastest car on the grid they should be. They should be doing a lot better than that. And lance stroll is is being just just average just hanging around that ten eleven twelve range for the races and ventilate sometimes getting ahead of that but then just throwing it away or just completely disappearing racist so i think i'm really hoping for us to martin sake that they are just they are just shoving development of this car and focusing purely on two thousand nine hundred because if this is them taking the fight to the twenty twenty one season like they were saying that we're going to do and then i fear for them next season because it doesn't seem like it's going in anywhere near the right direction at all. The car doesn't seem to be getting better. Seems to be getting worse..

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