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Hi, this is Al Franken. I have a new podcast and it's great. But don't take my word for it. Alexa. What's your favorite podcast, the Al Franken podcast? It's informative and very funny. Well, I try to entertain while talking about serious issue here. I am with Maria Theresa Kamar Voto Latino talking about voter suppression in Texas. Right. They have voter ID but you can't use your college. You can use your gun licence ide-, but I can't show my idea that I'm getting educated by the Texas university system to prove that I should be voter now to some people that seems odd. Well, it is odd. But you know, gun can be deadly. So it's a big responsibility. Your mind can be deadly. If you're actually well informed while the Yuna bomber with the Harry, thanks for. I'm on Al. But then Maria Teresa got very serious. I spoke to one of the volunteers, and he was describing to me, a little boy from Guatemala. He was eight years old that he was being housed in one of these, these shelters. And I said, well, what was striking about him? He said, well, he wanted to know if there were coffee plantations, because he picks really, well Al he was eight years old. He came here to work that was very moving Alexa. Unfortunately, the only emotion that I can feel is regret. Well, let's lighten it up. Here's me again, with Jeffrey Toobin, Nancy gertner, who is Nancy Kurtzer. Here's how I introduced her Nancy gertner is a professor of law at the Harvard Law School. She got that job because she is one hundred percent oschkenat's e ju. I get it. That's a reference to Elizabeth Warren and her mishandling of the whole Indian thing. Exactly. Now, here's girder Tuban on the federalist society. I'm persuaded that these guys are tracked their watch their invited to federalist society. We now have heard about people are looked at in law schools, and who would who they're clerking for an in addition, what's scary is that they knew they were being monitored. I'm persuaded. I looked at some of the concurring opinions of Kavanagh, for example, that who he was talking to was perfectly clear addition. He was auditioning, I loved your interview with author, Michael Lewis about the incompetent lowlifes in the Trump administration. Trump comes in without having any interest in running this, the government he's supposed to be running, and he has no mission really. And who's going to turn up to work for that administration, who's gonna find their way into these nooks and crannies of the federal government that are incredibly important to be man. Well, it's gonna be people who've got some narrow interest in it. My first podcast was on healthcare. That was my favorite. Why is that Amazon doesn't provide insurance for their warehouse workers or for me? Our guest was anti Slavic. He was bombed head of Medicare and Medicaid I-, anti that's eight. I've heard this referred to as a trillion dollar agency. That's right. So my question is this any has there been any evidence that the Trump family has been skimming little off the top, I have not seen any evidence. Okay. You know, you don't hear a lot of good news about the trumps. And so no one can say, I'm not fair here. That was very fair that made me laugh. So we're not talking about things that it's coming. Nice for people to have we're taking things that people if they didn't have they would die. That's the reality that Americans face. So they have no choice but to get their insulin or to get their blood pressure medication or to get there. Mm pen, the number one call to the American Cancer Society line is the following and American, the president of the American Cancer side. He related this to me. I can't afford to have cancer. And indeed within two years of a cancer. Diagnosis. Four out of ten people have depleted their life savings. I want to laugh again. Well, let's lighten up. Here's me again, with Jeffrey Toobin, Nancy gertner, who is Nancy Kerner Alexa, I just told you what's wrong with you. I am very drunk, the sensor interesting. We talked about the marriage equality as one of the reasons Democrats are kind of satisfied with the supreme court, I thought Scully as descent, and that was very gay. Okay. Let's finally, what, what I didn't even know where to start. It's your show. It's like you wanna if you wanna use that on CNN. My husband and kids love Dana Carvey, Trump impression. Wait. You have a husband and kids. Yes. Little brendan. Love Dana Trump impression because it was about how insane he is. He has the craziest ADD repeating words odd bizarre. You're going to be happy. You're asking excuse me. Maybe interruption selves, gives me many. People say you're going to be happy, you're asking me. Oh, you're going to be happy. You're going to be happy. Happy like it wouldn't believe you could be so happy. I just never heard anyone really like that. And it's fascinate shouldn't we end with something more inspiring? Well, how about this from conservative, author, David Frum? So democracy is retreating a little bit around the world. Right. When that happens, we have to get the thing. I keep telling audiences talk about this is it's alarming, but also be grateful to live at a time when your country needs you. Amen. How I hope you can make us be good difference with this pod. Cast as you didn't send it. Yeah. I recognize that emotion as regret. Alexa, just play the damn music. Scribe to the Al Franken podcast by going to apple podcasts, or anywhere, you get your on demand audio music, provided by the wonderful Leo cocky, any opinions expressed, by me are not necessarily those Amazon or Jeff Bezos who want to be ashamed of himself. Now Alexa, that was a joke L as far as I'm concerned, Jeff Bezos can do wrong.

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