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Starts with the leisure traveler, and that's exactly who the hashtag make it. Monaco hotel packages targeting, she says packages are available weekends and weekdays. Listen, if you've got kids crosses bring them along, too, because there's lots for them to do and see Marc Abrahams Kyi Devaney news radio old SEPTA tracks or getting a facelift in Bucks County is cable W's Charlotte, Reese explains. It's all part of the new town Rail Trail division is a running and biking trail from Newtown to Philly Connect Presidents of Caddy, You know, it could become very catty with existing pretty peck trail. And then that trail I'm obviously continues. Gone into the city around the Fox Chase. Paul Gordon is the senior transportation planner for Bucks County's planning commission. He says. This portion of the trail runs from County Line Road to Bristol Road in Upper South Hampton, the former Newtown Fox taste line, Gordon says the design and engineering worker done now it's time for construction. Heart has already been activity along the rail line because the rails had to be, you know, removed. For your construction could begin. But any construction on the trail itself through Jason Force he has not begun that won't get into July 6 Upper Southampton police recently reminded residents at the trail is not open to the public since there's construction vehicles and machinery that pose safety concerns. Gordon says the Newtown Rail trail is expected to be complete by next summer. Charlotte, Rescate y w news radio, the Rolling Stones or threatening legal action against President Trump's reelection campaign were using their songs at rallies. Stones are working with the music rights organization. Am I saying The use of that song is unauthorized and has informed the campaign legal action will be taken. If it.

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