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Mexico City, Mexico, Como El Chapo Guzman discussed on The Daily



And when the coast is more or less clear. These two brothers put shop into a car, and they drive him into the heart of Mexico City. And when they get into the city a police squad car and a police motorcycle approach them in their car, and he starts to freak out. And one of the dudes who helped him get out says, no, no, no, no, no chop. Oh, don't worry. These are our guys they're here to protect us and the cops escort him through Mexico City to say fast. Wow nuts. They have bought off some part of the police force. It's finishing. Keppel of land is Como El Chapo Guzman. He's like a God in Mexico says Antonio will take. Sees him. But he's everywhere. He's a myth. And what's happened to this and lower cartel while L Trump has been in prison. It sounds from his escape that it's made meaningful inroads inside the Mexican government. It's growing welcome now to gangster's paradise where the sin alot cartel rules. This is one of the most dangerous spots in Mexico a place where few outsiders, go. It's expanding internationally law. Cartel is worth a giant three billion dollars and controls nearly half of the legal drugs. Funneled into the US. US official says Guzman Sinoloa cartel has huge markets in Chicago has a foothold in Los Angeles. A large network in Phoenix and throughout the midwest say has seen a law cartel is the number one supplier of heroin cocaine and marijuana to the United States and at the same time. The violence is expanding wildly to ten months ago. Mutilated body appeared outside a Mexican police station. The message hanging his colts signed in El Chapo, name violent scenes, like these body stuffed in garbage bags. Police executed and journalists assassinated are directly connected to the wrath of his Sinoloa cartel. So vicious nearly eighty thousand people have died in Mexico from drug violence. You not only have bodies stacking up literally in the streets, and Mexico, but you also have people in the United States dying from using these drugs. In fact, chapel himself was named as public enemy number one by the Chicago crime commission, the last time they did that involve a guy Al Capone and essentially by two thousand fourteen it is the biggest most profitable drug cartel in Mexico..

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Mexico City, Mexico, Como El Chapo Guzman discussed on The Daily

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