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I'm selling confidence. Thus status his time i different. Let me buddies way guys if you grew tight my resolution on lawn the first thing which would you say the pitches new say you know the the this match off youtube and berries over things but the thing that strike that struck me when i was doing my research before. This podcast tight. His claimed himself as a business on google. If you so it for tight my face he's google business comes up as tight mayfair's so if somebody does what he's not sure about. Best success there. Is you know their brand. Their gimmick is clyde. And that's the first for me. I've not seen any of worker to not so my either. I'm not wearing. Stay hats off to you. My that is something very unique and by is a very much different. The links instagram. And you know we can see and it's just it's very unique about how. How did you come up with that. Like what was your full price about law but during about thank you for at night and same as i hadn't considered it until you say now it's just i. It's not it's not like. I say it's real to me. It's really it's still to be damaged. It's out underst- want this i am this. I wanna be when. I say when the mayfield says i want you to be known as the greatest Like i won't that as well. And i'll do everything in my power on every level of it be driving a car. Bit Setting up the ring. Big cleaning the risk type out the the locker room at the end of the night walk into the ring wearing the ring. The gay the i wear the work are doing the work on the mike. The work the one line. The workout though Every paw the i want the best and it just makes sense. This is a business and you let jay z lyric. I.

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