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I hi my response to that is as anyone who talks like that they can just be ignored dismissed out of hand because based upon nothing else at all then if you think i think that two days ago everything was fine what the twenty nineteen gubernatorial race in kentucky was the end of the republic you can just be ignored out of hand you're you're just ridiculous you can't you're not can't be taken seriously you're intellectually dishonest and i just dismiss people who are intellectually actually dishonest i just mentioned on my show this past week this this guy named jimmy door that i appreciate his progressive but i like him because everything i'm seeing in many ways as he's been intellectually honest so i can disagree with us positions but i appreciate consistency you know so i just when when you can't i can't even say well you know we're just we're upset that we lost but maybe we should put up a better candidate maybe we should look at our own faults if you can't do that then and then i don't even i don't even want to don't ask me don't ask me with that bullshit i am here in it of course i in here in the whole thing anyways so yeah well i guess at the end of the day a lot of the libertarians are out there joking that how is it that libertarians can be both irrelevant and to blame at the same time and what i'm saying thing is is that no they're not to blame but they are real let's never never forget hashtag never forget no yeah no the libertarian candidate totally charlie relevant the libertarian party's totally irrelevant then being involved in the elections totally irrelevant i mean the thing is is that i feel like you're not giving enough credit i think that even without hickson the race as he could have figured out a way to lose all by himself right if he was really if he was that great white any wind at the they don't wanna take any any fault well the answer that i've gotten from from people in the know and kentucky's that he's an asshole hurt that i heard that from our friends he's on friends i've heard for several people i'm not talking about i don't know the kentucky politicos are all saying that bevin didn't win because he's he's a known as whole who who treated a variety of interest groups weather they would have voted for him or not who cares that they he went out of his way to be particularly particularly disdainful to a number of interest groups and so that motivated those people to get rid of him right and a state where remember you're already outnumbered number by registered democrats but two hundred thousand right and a republican incumbent has never won reelection so to then at with a less than stellar candidate candidate in a position where no republican has ever won the didn't complain that it's the libertarians fall is just it could just be dismissed out of hand ridiculous yep it is ridiculous just just like their politics i always tell people you know they'll they'll tell me like if you don't vote you can't complain i'm like that's i can complained because i don't vote i didn't put these assholes in power i'm not empowering them to do this and and violate people's rights like that's not me that's all you and and yet they do the same thing they blame us the non-voter when it's really them that are causing all the problems 'cause they keep playing the game i don't oh you my vote and i don't owe oh you might participation well that's and that's a particularly weak read for someone who voted for the candidate that lost as well so they're saying that you can't complain because you can't vote you say back to them will you did vote and it didn't do you any good right right because you can say allen they have there but it didn't so i mean i mean we would say you know vote voting's irrelevant it doesn't matter it literally makes no difference in their case that is quite literally true because their candidate didn't win so when when it's when it's when it's that all or nothing type game and you have a two party duopoly and you're you're on the losing aside guess what this is this is you have reaped what you've sown this system is working the system is working exactly yes i wanted wanted to just make make it clear like we're not even really talking about our friends in within the party that are are of persuasion that hold their nose and vote for anyone into defensive sort of way like even though i don't particularly agree with that position i'm not talking about people who are just trying to sort it out and go okay who's going to screw me less we're we're talking about people who are so committed to their party in their position that they wanna blame others when they don't succeed and yeah you're just pitiful it's pitiful it's pitiful it's week it's week i can't stand it it's so weak is is pitiful stupid open you don't know big dumb idiot that's that's about as that's about as bad as it's ever been on on postcards from somalia right there big you big dumb idiot next thing you're gonna say bevin was stupid doodoo head pinks thanks stupid due to head exactly the brain so fat yeah yeah i mean that's that's the real the real thing we're discussing today is not the kentucky election what we're really discussing that bevan's a piece of at and why is anyone really that taken go back by his lack of because he was their guy but no he wasn't who's there if you're about the people of kentucky if he wasn't opposed liberty folks who are upset about it and blaming i been surprised at some of the people that i've seen blaming libertarians honestly i have i have seen some infighting between the folks who say because it's too it's first of all they're they're both they're they're both status dictators but it's the it's the liberty folks who thank you can vote to change things and therefore you should be republican versus liberty folks who think you can vote to change things and therefore you should be libertarian party supporter and those two people are angry with each other because because because no one but again no no one one out of that in that vacuum everyone's a loser so it's really just a group of losers yelling at another group of losers over why why they lost and here we are in u u update us vertically for people who are not watching the show over at facebook dot com slash postcards from somalia malia early listening they're not getting sherry doing the doing the way i'm miming even though you were smiling really big the whole time i was was it i didn't buy it for a second i only going to do mime now are you know improvisational dan i'm going to interpret what your last uh-huh yeah interpretation i'm going to interpret for them for the audio what share is saying don't forget to yell about cups yeah show me your mind if you're trying to say police officer fair enough maybe that's the people who yell at police yeah that's probably the people who love the those yeah those are cop suckers that's the cops kelly columbine you yeah i would also accepted you slapping yourself since the cops beat their wives yeah yeah out there you're going yeah we'd love to slap her you know i made a bunch i triggered a few folks last night because i said that you know there's a study that says that forty percent of cops beat their wives and only a third of rape cases or solve so on as a as a group cops are more likely to beat their wives than they are to solve cases where's belie i wanna know is it i'm just i'm just gonna stop you right there because this was not a cop episode yeah i know but we can move on i feel like we've done enough i mean it is time to move one is it other things so much good stuff in the little the little time so anyway here that i didn't but i'll believe you i'll take your word where you have ruined this program you're supposed to say oh no here comes to steal my bits they're always always after me so why don't you steal my bits that comes from that's your bit you own your intellectual property i forgot i'm gonna have steph and consent like yell at you when he's on your show yeah but you know what we were actually making fun of him on sports ball so yikes by the way we we know he just sent out a tweet saying he was talking about all the different sports that were on that weekend and he said winter we're going to get a frigging break i was like that's the guy that we would have railed in dodgeball back in school man just let them up just just the just yeah so we got a little sidetracked here that that thing right like that's what we do what would you you say really quick question before we wrap up what would you say if you had to say like you're known for one thing what's the thing you're known for are we talking about as far as political position as as as a public as as a public personality jerry volunteer volunteer known for and and a lot of comments on my lips they must hate you hate your show did you know that i- police i'm known for november police yeah you're waiting on police okay i'm pretty sure that what i'm known for is calling people dictators and saying asia dot com that's true that's true that's what i'm known for it listen for the punch that's it i just want to hear you say that i haven't done it lately i wanna get a close up of your mouth and they want you to say euthanasia dot com will you remember i had a little ahead a little postcard that said you dot com slash sherry there for a little bit i know that like in the background stuck at home somewhere anyway guys thank you so much for listening into another episode of postcards from somalia where product a little low productions it's almost as if i literally just said the sentence that like thirty minutes ago two different audience on a different program along with such other fine programming as sports ball with mike and alan there's a god arche with mike mary there's the sheree voluntary show it's mike and friends or a garden friends and then there's the gold standard with alan mostly what's what's coming up next on the sheriff voluntary show knows jesus came on i think i think rain light heart is gonna be on my show and i'm looking forward to that i've been i've been meaning to tell you if if if the sherry voluntary show is is is still in flux which you should do is just get guest hosts for like a month in that way you can just cram out another four or five episode is and not even do anything i should do that do outsource it i wonder if i wonder if i can get some on fiver i'm looking for someone to host my podcast for a month the month five dollars please that's my my kind of price range so so jim boulevards coming back to the gold standard but before book before part is to be but before jimbo or we're going to try and have dennis marburger to talk about belt his family fleeing the armenian genocide that's gonna be awesome not only okay y'all dennis is a fricken like freedom freedom what would you hurricane i love that guy he's awesome but i didn't i didn't know until recently about that so that's that'll be incredible i love to hear that story story i mean not because i want to hear about the suffering but i'd like to hear his story and then in but but before that we finally they have dr bryan caplan the author of open borders the science and ethics of immigration as well as the case against education and possibly more important than all of that eh he's actually a pretty serious critic of a song of ice and fire it you know that's what you're really excited about i hear thug sided about that you could check out these episodes as premier live on mondays at eight central nine eastern time at our facebook facebook page which is facebook dot com slash.

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