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I kinda think also that that just changes the way that people will vote a little it's how so well, maybe not the way that people will vote, but the outcomes I think it's more likely that lady Gaga Wednesdays than the Oscar because I mean, obviously, she's not up with she's not up against a Coleman. But then once it's. Glenn Close vehicle men and Gaga in the mix. I think you're splitting votes bit more. I don't know. It's probably the most is one of the most interesting races. We'll talk more about in the future. I think it's got to. I think they wanna have Gaga acceptance moment onstage, especially if she's not singing during this this will show. So we will say Gaga, let's go to best actor in a motion picture drama. He nominees are Bradley Cooper stars born Willem Dafoe at eternity gate if you seen that movie. It's also my less, okay. New adding watched it sense it feeling Lucas hedges boy erased Rami Malik bohemian rhapsody and John David Washington for black klansman. So I picked her on me Malik said I. I don't think the Romney Molly has any chance to win the Oscar. But maybe I'm wrong about that. This is very fascinating to me because this naturally should be a place to reward Bradley Cooper for all the fine work. He does in and four stars born, but the bohemian rhapsody trained trucks on and it's very flashy Queen, Freddie, mercury's in international figure Rami Malik is an international figure, and I it just seems seems weirdly obvious. I agree with you. I also picked him. I think some of it is this is the only place that he will be rewarded. I I don't think it went an Oscar. Maybe I'm wrong. I could that change though, could could that change if vice isn't as big a thing as we expect. If Cooper gets best director or best picture, do they decide to give it to Rome is possible. Because it is you know, it is very similar classical transformation. And he's he's good in it. You know, you can't say he's not good. Good. I think he's fine. I think it's a I I mean, it's a lot which is obviously the point. Yeah. That's your channeling Alanis. But there there's something about the physical transformation that is a bit over the top. And. You know, I have a really hard time with these impersonation roles in in general because it just crosses over to SNL. So quickly for me. It's very they're even moments of Amy Adams's performance where she's just doing Kate McKinnon as Lynch Cheney, and it's very funny, and the fact that atom McCabe wrote indirectly that movie means that, you know, you're the film is already telling that lie, but in ABC's not shouldn't be going for that. All now like Myers is in that movie. There's a kind of jokey quality to that movie at times that's kind of one of its flaws. Yeah. I I hear what you're saying. I think people honestly, very popular and people respond to that kind of thing. Sure. I just kind of think that in terms of actor in acting. I I'm always like, I don't know whether this is acting impersonation. So I personally think there's a case to be made that it's not as good as say Bradley Cooper, which is an actual transformation. And then you're like, holy crap. That's Bradley Cooper. That is not what I think of to be Bradley Cooper. And she kind of created that character. From a lot of different living. Crap. There's Eddie Vedder. The composite should have. But anyway to Oscar point this to me seems like a Golden Globes wanting to have some fun liking this actor knowing it's not gonna happen anywhere else. This this is where I'm like the weirdness and the capriciousness of the Golden Globes voting body is going to be on display. And I think that the academy will vote differently. Maybe I'm wrong. No. I think we agree shall we do best screenplay. Yeah. Can interesting category. Yes. So unlike the Oscars, which is normally split into two different screenplay categories one for adapted and one four original this is just five smash together. Here are the five Afonso for Roma. Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara for the favorite. I don't know very much about them..

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