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The Dayton radar now this very tight couplet, right here on the county border on its way toward Jeffersonville, this is a very strong storm that's holding to see that hold together in that sweep, so this one may actually end up being on the ground. It is definitely enough rotation to warrant these the tornado warning that gets us into the Jeffersonville area. This is a very strong storm and it will continue to March off to the east. And as it does, it does have the potential to drop something onto the ground. Here's the tornado warning in Jeffersonville area until twelve forty five tonight to that is going to include parts of Fayette county Clark county Greene, county and Madison County. It just sort of makes your heart drop anytime you say there's a tornado warning in green county, just because of the history there in any case, there is plenty of activity. Across central Ohio tonight. It is important to be weather aware. Here is a strengthening storm in parts of pick away county. Now, the one that is in the western portions of pick away, county, does have the potential to create a tornado ADP, Ohio. Telling us now seven thousand people are without power there about five thousand in Lima area, fifteen hundred here in central Ohio. Some of these storms combined with the lightning have been able to knock out power to thousands of people. And if you do lose power, you can only stream on our app just search for WS wiig. So if you have a tornado warning, and you're in your safe place, you might be like, why don't have access to a TV download our.

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