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In Chicago CBS to reporter Vince JIRA, solely says youth. Authorities paid a visit to Kelly at his condo inside of Trump Tower acting on a tip that was originally called into the state's attorney's office from out of state saying that two women were here with the singer. And that they were being held against their will police were able to speak to the singer into each of the women both of the women said that they were okay. And. That they weren't in any danger Kelly has been under fire since the recent airing of surviving are Kelly a lifetime documentary. He is denying all allegations of misconduct. An attack on a Lansing woman has landed a Michigan man behind bars for life car Leah's Klay robbed the woman's house early in the day when she wasn't at home. He went back that evening when she was he kidnapped sexually assaulted strangled. Her then center on fire she survived but has permanent injuries. Klay pleaded guilty to all the charges in sentencing. Klay, federal judge Virginia KENDALL noted his lengthy criminal history and the level of terror. He inflicted on his victims. He also attempted to take a prison caseworker hostage when he was detained at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, John Coleman, NewsRadio on one or five point nine FM. A man from buck town will appear in court today accused of robbing several pawnshops at gunpoint. Investigators caught thirty eight year old Norbert at yesterday as he was trying to sell stolen goods at another pawn shop, he's charged. With three felony counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Police say wet rob three pawnshops, then sell the stolen jewelry, rob heart. Newsradio on one zero five point nine FM. Police in Schaumburg investigating a smash and grab burglary at a target store. It happened Thursday night. Forty five minutes before the store in the twelve hundred block of east Higgins who set to close. Police say a man distracted an electron employees while two others broke into cases housing apple products. They took off with twenty five ipads and.

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