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When audiences are breaking down the doors to get in it's time to expand a more theaters fast and that's what the exorcist did to date it has grossed more than three hundred fifty million dollars billy free can puts the number at over six hundred million most of it on ticket prices of three dollars or less it's one of the top ten grossing are rated movies of all time people massed around theaters across the country all kinds of people they waited in the rain the snow the cold the fighting lindh in some cities there were riots theaters had to be closed for those in the audience it was so graphic patrons were vomiting my janitors are going crazy wiping it up on theater owner reported the anxious walked out nauseous and trembling to steady their nerves others fainted even before the film was half over heart attacks were reported at least one woman had a miscarriage in berkeley a man threw himself at the screen in order to get the demon in toronto four women were so traumatized they had to be confined to psychiatric care in west germany a nineteen year old shot himself after seeing the movie that led to calls that the exorcist be banned in the uk a teenager murdered a 9yearold girl he explained to the court.

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