Treasurer, Tom Barrack, Doug Amerman discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


There's no there's no regular way to do this this is never been a problem before well when we didn't get anywhere if mr barrot we then tried calling the treasurer for the presidential inaugural committee right this is a money issue now the treasurer is a much lower profile figure than tom barrack he's not a wellknown person his name is doug amerman we've obtained the fec filings for the trump presidential inaugural committee mr amerman is listed officially as the treasurer of that committee which means ultimately he should be responsible for explaining what happened to the money that went into in that conceivably came out of that giant fund i don't know how doug amerman ended up being the treasurer of president trump's inaugural committee the only other way he has ever made government related news was when he was named as an unindicted coconspirator in a major criminal tax evasion case involving his former employer kpmg we wrote in cold companies from mr aramis sits on the board to try to get in touch with him thinking not might be a way to reach him at mr chairman would not return our calls at least he hasn't yet we live in hope the other person we tried contacting really the only other person we could think of to try to contact about this is the deputy chairman of the inaugural committee maybe he could explain what they did with all the extra money when why they said it would all be cleared up in january and then in april and then in september and then in november and still not been cleared up and nobody knows where the money as we contacted the deputy chairman of the presidential inaugural committee to ask him those questions and we didn't hear back from him either but you need to know in his case he has a pretty good excuse because the deputy chairman of the trump inaugural committee was rick gates who is currently under indictment by special counsel robert muller for a dozen felony charges related to money laundering among other things.

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