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And talk at 9 30 I Marcie Williams live in the WSB 24 hour news center. Some states waste no time lifting the mask mandate based on the new CDC guidance. While other states wait reasons behind those decisions very but most want higher percentage of their population to be vaccinated before lifting restrictions. Mask requirements on planes are still in place. WSB consumer expert Clark Howard stresses private businesses set their own rules what your employer says. Go. That also applies to stores. You enter Marietta and Cobb County schools say fully vaccinated students and staff can ditch their masks. Even before the CDC announcement. Mary at a City council lives mask requirements inside City building starting Monday, Alfa Rhetta based colonial pipelines able to expand fuel deliveries after restarting the nation's largest pipeline. It appears Colonial paid millions in ransom right away. The FBI discourages but does not ban American companies like Colonial from paying. A ransom theme bureau warns there is no guarantee the company will get a stated back and says the payments on Lee encourage more cyber attacks in the future. That's reporter Catherine Herridge. The panic fueling Metro Atlanta drivers. Gas run Eases WSB, smiling Mark McKay live on Atlanta's Morning news. My tankers rolling out of the tank farm in Doraville near to cap Peachtree Airport, hitting the road ways to get to a fuel station near you. Reports, prices are holding steady over the past 24 hours at an average of 306 a gallon Atlanta police Colin a canine to search for an armed car jacker after he forces his way into a new over at gunpoint in northeast Atlanta overnight, A PD captain Dorian Graham tells Channel two action news. The driver's able to call 911 from the vehicle she was in the front seat. She said that she had the seat late all the way back. So he could not see.

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