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A minus four Nystrom rotoworld a minus even A. as afford the bangles average score was three point seven two that was fifth best in the NFL if you do the math for those thirteen websites so not too shabby the Bengals of course selected Joe burrow as expected number one overall on Thursday and then with the first pick in the second round may surprise some people by taking wide receiver tee Higgins out of Clemson he was number twenty five overall on the pro football focus board the Bengals drafted him at number thirty three he's a big target more or less the same body type is AJ green six for two hundred fifteen pounds left claims after his third year we had twenty seven touchdown catches in his first three and that tied for the school record with a couple of guys were pretty good D. Andre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins for more on second round draft pick T. Higgins I spoke to the longtime radio voice of the Clemson Tigers don Munson first and foremost they're getting a young man who is going to do a lot for their the franchise there he's he's not gonna be a problem off the field he is very coachable he likes to go and work he's not afraid of going out there and working he's not afraid of going out there and earning you know his his spot on the field you know he's he will step on the practice field once we get going again here and and you'll go there try to compete for a starting job and I think that he's a guy that they can win it now I think you need to pick up a little more strength to be real honest with you Dan I think that that's you know when you drafted I kid this that hasn't gone through four years of school and I think that you know you're dragging a little bit of a younger guys and people need it I think I understand that a little bit that he still has some maturing to do as far as his body is concerned but man I'm tell you two three years from now I think that T. J. Gibbs is is going to be just all world kind of player we have the opportunity to visit with him on a zoom type conference a few minutes ago the kids got a megawatt smile he seemed like he had a very engaging personality what was he like with his teammates are you he was like that of the time that he set foot here on there on the Clemson campus I mean that was that usually isn't enough that was the other thing was to watch his leadership ability grow is as he went along here in in his Clemson career you know there are there are certain kids you can just tell from the mo they said on step foot on campus that they're going to be an impact in their group and then also in the locker room and and she was certainly able to do all of that we are visiting with the voice of the Clemson Tigers don Munson T. did not knock it out of the park in his pre draft testing does he play faster than he ran yeah I believe that that he does I mean if he's a very good route runner you don't you don't see that that often with guys that are big wide receivers and that's what you're getting obviously know cheese got size to him he's got length these he is get you really good hands the day I think that the the basketball side of him also community was a he was an all star basketball player in high school coach Sweeney and co starred at the time when he was here as wide receivers coach they love those kind of guys guys there are multiple sport athletes A. T. is a guy that I you know he competes at high points for the ball not afraid to go out there and and mix it up so you know I think you look you look at all those variables and you know I think that if you're if you're Bengals fan right now you you got a smile on your face and I do I can tell you that I believe he has an eighty one inch wingspan catch radius I guess is the hot phrase these days when it comes to wide receivers and tight ends and it looks like that's one of his biggest strengths and he's a guy also yards after catch Dan I mean he's he's a guy when you go back and you really watch what he did on film you know a lot of times you may be catching something that's only sixty eight yards down the field but then he's able to shed tacklers and then go get extra yards and he's got enough speed reading take it the distance I mean he really can't me so those those are things that that team is just going to continue to improve upon again is is it gets more physically mature than that that part of the game I think grows even more so I don't know if this ever came up in one of your conversations with T. but he is apparently an AJ green fanatic and the Cincinnati Bengals fan yeah he was a huge Bengals fan growing up as as a kid bangles were his favorite as his favorite team as well you know we you grew up right outside of Knoxville so you can understand that that you know really not that far I'm probably in that market I got got some Bengals games and and also you know go back to the days when the Bengals were successful that's that's kind of in his youth era so you know he's he's used to you're seeing some of those things so you know all of that I think you know bodes well whenever you draft the guy that always said that that was their favorite team as well I think there's there's a little bit more from that fellow to go into that the franchise and say okay I'm you know I'm I'm not scared to be here I'm not I'm not upset that you drafted me I'm actually in the news that you're drafted me and you know when did you get that then manually holder that you run with it one more topic for Clinton broadcaster John Munson you call the national championship game last year unfortunately that one didn't turn out well for the Tigers largely because of Joe burrow share with us what the Clemson coaches were talking about as they studied him going into the game and then your impressions of what Joe did in that national championship game well I meant that the talk of Joe burrow going into the game certainly was one was his accuracy into was a way that he extended plays it and then those two actually actually mailed it to be perfect because he would extend plays and he was still make throws where he was you know dropping the ball into a bucket well we solve that obviously if they dug against Clemson there in there in New Orleans I mean he came out and just actually put on a show things did not go well for him you know first fifteen seventeen eighteen minutes a game but he was able to shake all that stuff off and you know that's that's something that you know as a as a quarterback you Love Me just absolutely lovely we saw some of that from our own quarterback obvious in the semi final game against Ohio state things were going Clemson's way and still Trevor Lawrence stayed right in it well that's what that's what Joe burrow did and then you know the way they came out and finished off the second quarter particularly scoring that that touchdown right before the end of the first half there was a little bit of a dagger that that they were able to throw a concern a lot of that was because of a Joe burrow in just the the confidence that he had in that game each this is a guy with a lot of swag he has a lot of confidence when he steps on the field I don't think there's many throws that he does not feel like that he can make I think it's got a better arm probably the most people expect you know for being the number one overall pick of the draft he's it is he's got to come and perform because it is a game of performance but I fully expect Joe burrow to do exactly that borrow to Higgins could be an important years yes I am looking forward to to that to that combination I think that that's going to go very very well you know as long as everybody can stay healthy than that than those things will go very very well for the Cincinnati Bengals Dan thanks for hopping on the phone on short notice I appreciate the time absolutely and good luck to all the Bengals fans up there be a lot of fun watching you all play here in the coming year Hey man that that is the voice of the Clemson Tigers don Munson speaking about second round draft pick wide receiver tee Higgins I referenced during the course of that interview that he did not knock it out of the park in his pre draft testing he ran a four point five four forty and that's probably a big reason why did not go in the first round he lasted until the first pick of the second round so again his of his time was four point five four can I put that into perspective for you you know what Chad Johnson ran before his draft in the second round by the Bengals four point five seven C. fast enough I think so Jerry rice before he was selected by the forty Niners four point seven one Larry fitzgerald still playing seventy eight years into his NFL career four point six three Chris Carter the great NFL player out of Middletown high school four point six three and Quan Bolden four point seven one so you don't have to run a four four three to be a great NFL wide receiver everything we've seen on the field from T. Hagen suggests that he is going to be just fine catching Joe burrows passes as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals the Andy Dalton era is over at least as a starter in all likelihood assuming the Joe broke stays healthy we don't know at this point what's going to happen to Andy in terms of the upcoming season but when we continue we will flash back to arguably his best moment in the Cincinnati Bengals uniform this is the arnelle Kerrier Sunday afternoon sports talk show is presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Kelsey Chevrolet open for sales and service and this is news radio seven hundred WLW dung beetles are fascinating creatures they search for the perfect fresh Manila and then rolled it doesn't fall to have better ones holding the dog uses its specialized amount to suck the nutrition out of the dump ball after eating the dung beetle leans back relaxes and listens to the bill.

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