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Savings Who more important on the female side of things Ben the long successful share Sarkisian share Lynn Shelvin her name is Cher to the public as she couple of weeks ago you may remember debuted her take on gimme gimme gimme from the. Album of Abba covers because she was in the movie. Really interested in the music of Abba so now second single has dropped her version of SOS let's crank. It, up and hear how it sounds Really works single this came by the way from seventy five or number one for a. Couple of weeks SOS against a revision and so if. You're a clever you're going to hear this woman clubs That's right Be number one and all the. Dance charts SOS his a track of her this is the apps called dancing Queen of. Tracks on it all the, come from Abba. She is unveiled the. List ten track tribute let's see dancing Queen one of us. Among the abbey hits that are, on there the final track remains a mystery So what. Do you think it takes guesses as would be would be. The Abba cover there would be I don't know enough of a songs good guess you're kind of the sound like? This yeah right Yes I have a my car Doug Stephan. IB, experts Abba actually? In the Hebrew. Language. Means father did you know, that I did not Initials right now I in this case. Stands for the initials of the group but, the word, Abba. In, Hebrew.

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