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BBC World Service with Connie shop. And Ben j president fully Democratic Republic of Congo Felix. Jesse Keti prepares for his inauguration. But will he be accepted by those who to speak to the election was fat? The so called gay conversion therapist, who's quit. He wants claim to change clients sexually. He now says he's looking for a boyfriend and remembering Oliver motorcade seek we'll be live in Zimbabwe. PC news with Justin green president. Trump says he'll deliver his state of the union address after the US government has been fully reopened in an apparent concessions. The Democrats speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi miss Pelosi had revoked an earlier invitation to give the speech at the house of representatives because of an ongoing shutdown of some government departments. Mr. Trump was threatening to consider an alternative venue. The United States has rejected a move by Venezuela to break diplomatic ties saying it does not recognize nNcholas Maduro as having the legal authority to expel diplomats. The secretary of state Mike Pompeo referred to Mr. Maduro as the former Venezuelan president. He said the United States would instead conduct relations with the opposition Nita one Guido, the outgoing leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Joseph Kabila as citizens to unite behind the winner of the dispute. Presidential election failures Tshisekedi is due to be sworn in later today. His victory was confirmed in the courts despite strong claims by another opposition leader Martin for ULA that the poll was rigged talks between the warring factions in the Central African Republic due to get underway in neighboring Sudan today, the country has been caught up in ethnic militias conflict since the overthrow of president Francois disease in two thousand thirteen by Muslim rebels. Australian defense minister says one of its citizens has been held in China since last weekend is under residential surveillance. Christopher Pyne who's been visiting Beijing restated Australia's request for swift consular access to young Jun a Sydney-based writer who's been a critic of the Chinese authorities. British scientists have succeeded in using a hot water drill to cut a two kilometre deep hole through the antibiotic ice sheet to the underlying sediment, they hope to work out how the ice is moving. BBC news. Thank you very much, indeed stadium, spend James and Connie shot with you on me. Stay on the BBC world said it's not one thing to listen out for this half hour, we're going to speak live to a Ugandan actor and director, you know, the work of John cigar? If you're listening to us on FM in Uganda this morning, we're going to talk to him about new rules for artists like him. They proposed by the authorities vetting of scripts. The same song lyrics as well. We'll get his take and how much is it today with the challenge to the government's politician and pop star, Bobby wine. They start in.

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