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Because i had today the training with him so that was more migration as well to to be able to be going to Pox places. That didn't really guy that much before but had to give him Training that might made to be able to push myself to do things that i wouldn't normally have done. And just the extra confidence i think to to be out mixing in talking with people in that sorta stuff but i definitely before i got him Are would be scared to be Doing what public speaking often Things like that. Say having him around really help. Help me the confidence to be able to go. Atten talk to more people in good. I think that my business would be where it is today if i hadn't have spent that time Doing all that stuff with him. Because i'd still be to show. I think to be interacting with people on the level that i need to Yes i really think that. All of that training Really helped me more than it helped team which is often the case which is why we have two dogs. I helping each other. And it's. It's not the first person that i've had interview with to say that A dog that i have had has basically changed the why that the the career in their life has gone and if and it would be something totally different except for having that particular dog yet and that's what previous dog maxi. I wouldn't have had the confidence in the ability to do that without her. They dog training course It was that night with me to do that. In paddington took out the baton from way she left off and look that took that into the next level made it be able to use the skills that atlanta and apply skills And go more into the community and that so it's like a progression with age dog. It's kind of evolved sort of wrought by saying that i mean Dogs very intuitive. And i pick up sign much as as you and a lot of people know on the minute changes that we have throughout the body chemistry or expression and the training for that particular or different coins of assistance is really sort of harnessing the way that i perceive us in and see us. There's a lot of Signing like a normal Normal dog iron a necessarily have the need for the dog to notice the subtle changes to make sense. I think all the dogs.

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