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Interesting story today at a time when I know the attorney general is coming for Lot of criticism from from Trump supporters and six story not getting a whole lot of attention here, but a little bit. Special counsel Derm is expanding his team examining the origins of the Russia collusion. Problem me tell you what could end up happening? Your friends? Well, 1st 1st Give me the update This story. Fox News has learned that during the U. S attorney for Connecticut who bar appointed in October, a special counsel's adding prosecutors to his team. And it's unclear who they are. But Fox is a supporter that Jeff Gents Jeff Jensen, the U. S attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, stop with just Department of February review. The case of former security adviser Michael Flynn was helping the terms investigation. So this is this is interesting that germ would be expanding his team at this phase. Now it was a special counsel. Makes it a lot harder makes it a lot harder for anyone to Um Just shut this down and abide administration, not saying it's impossible, but it makes it more complicated makes it more politically costly. And here's what I see happening if they shut it down. We've already established cause they said this under Trump if they shut down, they they told us that if Trump shut down the special collusion I'm sorry. Special Counsel probe into Russia collusion If they shut that down, they would impeach him just for shutting it down. We might be able to take the house back in two years. And depending on what this Durham probe finds, Wouldn't it be fair play? Wouldn't it be justice? Dare I say. If term gets the goods on Biden and members of the members of the Obama administration. I mean, who knows what he's really gonna find here, right? But people from the Obama administration who could be back in the bite administration And bide inward. Do shut down the Durham probe or even try to Maybe it's time for a little Democrat impeachment process. Maybe maybe we'll see how they like it. You know that this could happen. No, it's a ways out. But if we do have a full accounting of Russia collusion, what we'll see is the Democrats are a bunch of corrupt Deep state liars and their disgrace. And that the Obama administration that Joe Biden was a part of At a very high level was also a complete and utter disgrace. So don't don't give up entirely on this. I said Durham wasn't gonna get it done before the election. I didn't realize that there was going to be a special counsel appointed after the election, or that he would be appointed as a special counsel. And this could this could change things quite a bad this. This could be Very, very relevant going forward. His friends. The Russia collusion stuff was that it was atrocious. And we know enough now to know that everything we've said about how bad they were and how awful and egregious their actions were. We? We were telling the truth. We were correct. And they were lying about this stuff. So Durham being able to find out Moorhouse here and get to the point where he's able to hold people accountable. I think that could really Make a big difference. Down the line. Not right now. But down the line. We're this is a long fight. Friends don't don't feel dejected. Don't feel like You know, always lost right now. I understand. There's a tough week with the Electoral Electoral College. Today, and this is not an easy time, but we still have a lot of fights ahead and the Democrats are gonna have their hands full. And I hope this during pro makes things a whole lot more challenging for them,.

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