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Sharon Tate Sharon Tate, Hundred Percent discussed on The Flop House Podcast


On this episode we discuss the hunting of sharon tate for this performance of the hunting of sharon tate sharon tate we played by hill house okay it's actually really accurate the little girl girl girl girl era hey everyone welcome to the flop house i'm dan mccoy oh hey there i'm stuart wellington over here in my inlaws garage i'm elliot kaylynn on vacation but on a pod cajun that's when you don't do a podcast is around vacation and in a what's what's special about today's show we have a special guest you you know her from twitter you know her writing funny things purple cer you know her from a few scenes in search party a yeah she is natalie walker you know the old man so that'd be great big fan yeah no no we we got her flowers on the grace you made reference to a a recent episode which made me feel good 'cause we would have broken my heart learn listen i don't know i just like moved back from the facebook group 'cause they're just starting to be so many people so many men like art gauge activity internet but but yeah so what appeals to you why well that's not exclude are female listeners know now dan on we don't need no hey a metal this is now the flop has a podcast with three do start to women about what we know where you're talking about younger yes haters new role millennials don't quite a hundred percent agree with you and i think it's all gonna fall apart and i don't really like her relationship with the same but will turn around and i got behind on my dad's side you were talking about sebastian younger guy ads reid sebastian younger is the type of author who might be perry deed episode of the television show younger now natalie i'm led to believe you're very popular on the internet so to do that just you carve out a niece okay you can appeal to the teenage girls i think that mistake yeah that is the main thing 'cause it's like no one cared about anything i did and then i did a video that was the altitude part of all i want for christmas is you remember when my high school saying it and then all of these teen girls started being like i'm doing this part now retreat retreat retreat and now they all will go to bat for me especially clear teenage girls okay so you have you have an army following supporting you and now we find yourself singing with paul tompkins saying i do it again soon you know while coming back were doing unworthy of you're left and my staff and i don't even know what that is a good allow you to track you down so topical apparently related to this episode 'cause then what are we doing this podcast but wait is that a song from the movie assassins with antonio banderas there is no okay well i remember the movie in like i can't wait finally they're making movies out of my favorites on time show and they're just super disappointed antonio banderas could have been a problem famously you're saying i didn't know that oh okay well i'm more see this isn't educational podcast so speaking of educating people doing what do we do is put on a show on this podcast we watch a bad movie when we talk about it now natalie chose chose the movie this time around i i wanna say actually sounds morgan accusation and all that i wanna say before a very nice listener wrote in and said hey maybe on occasional episodes if necessary a content warning would be nice and that's all i wanna say this movie is about to be graphic murderer of some real life people but it does not take that seriously i think so i think it is thinking i think that thinks it's taking it very seriously yeah i'm just letting people know that but realize that from the title the haunting of sharon tate that it might involve in real life murder of sharon tate well it could have been about her being hunted on the.

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Sharon Tate Sharon Tate, Hundred Percent discussed on The Flop House Podcast

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