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Back to business back to school some people already and some people right after Labor Day put school superintendents from across the great state of Michigan in detail how the lack of action by the legislature on K. through twelve of budget is hurting kids as schools re opened their doors for the new school year we're gonna talk about that with doctor Randy Lima Papa Wayne recess superintendent who's on the other end of our line right now good morning doctor last twenty five years Michigan has seen the courting to your superintendents and yourself the least growth in school funding in the nation and the unique needs of the students will only continue to go on met without a state budget and a bold plan to invest in the resources in our kids so save you on the record tell me what's going on here well you know we're we're getting ready for school to start everybody is of course excited at that time of year and a lot of excitement you're in a local schools a lot of uncertainty also as our local school districts are local school boards really don't know where they're at in regards to what kind of resources they're gonna be able to provide for the students have used as you highlight it yeah we are looking at a budget moving into this year that we're pretty excited about that was proposed by the governor because it really took recent research that was completed over the last year and a half it was done by a group of not part of the Republican Democrat school people not will people that really identify the types of things that we ought to be investing in if we want to improve the cheapest you're less you get very frankly all you know that we're struggling here as it relates to how are your and so they identified a a bold way to identify the resources needed to make sure that all students if you're being that and we were excited that the governor's proposal actually started to move us toward the goals that were identified in this research and you mentioned also that the that the investor issue get identified research done by the university says the other we're really at the bottom in the country as of late and what we've done in the last twenty years so we thought this was an opportunity really change that near to change an environment start to put resources back in the area that we don't make a difference in our student achievement well we're anxious because here we are school starting summer school district started this week actually and we don't have we don't have an answer to really what the resource that could be available for local school districts yeah and and doctor I think everybody can understand them and relate to the fact that each day that goes by without a budget is just another day of uncertainty for the schools which hurts the students Mike Scheibler a a from Rockford public school superintendent is said that now there's agree with them and nobody likes indecision and and the confusion and really just to uncertainty nobody likes that to going into their job none of us would so where do we go from here what Yongle that the legislature will get moving and very quickly and get resolved we understand that this is the year of the release of the budget there are a lot of old old will that are on the table and so it's taking its time to split government get that done but you know it it is there are no excuses now I'd have to get done now we have to get a budget play our school districts plan all summer long make sure that the right school yeah because they don't have a specific game plan in regards to how what the resources are there are a variety of things Roger that they have taken either dipping into the reserve fund I'm not really using our or other position I don't think that's I I can't happen now because of the answer he that's got to add we we we need to get a budget in place so we can make sure that we have all the resources that we possibly camp will be put into a class what kind of an increase are you saying from what the governor has proposed what was she looking at it approximately five hundred billion dollars old bull and out one of the ways that that happens is that the general line will take care of dollars that have been taken out of the school aid fund over the last eight years variety of different things that you should never be paid for out of the school budget at the state school budget and so by doing that five hundred million dollars actually starting up formulas which came out of the research that was done over the last year to hang out that would they are still in hiding at higher eat you gave this a resource excellent said everything from you know what are your last five whole foods you should have what kind of after school teachers have what kind of professional development for teachers those of the thing is you're proposing a budget that school districts will start to be able to reinvest that and that's what we were excited about we're looking at that oppose a little over three hundred dollars per student at every school district yeah I and I see that if for example her planned triples the number of literacy coaches statewide which obviously would be a great thing I guess the whole question is how do we pay for can we pay for it a can we maintain that right funding it separates after yeah and of course you know I don't know if it is then that we have to we get the best yeah they're they're struggling we're starting to fall behind other states in the country and we have to make this investment in our kids in order for them to be key you know the target that we suffer that well we wish you good luck and we hope that there will be some activity in Lansing that to get this done to remove the uncertainty obviously of passing a responsible budget is something that we've sent them there to do and we'd like to see that happen I hope it all works out Dr absolutely Sir you have this morning sure Dr rand the Lima Papa Wayne resa superintendent and lived there you can't blame them they want a budget the lack of a budget is hurting their ability to do what they have to do as we had in the school some schools already there and all of the rest of them coming together right after Labor Day this Wednesday August twenty eighth at six twenty three hi Annie hall Sir Tom Ford.

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