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The topic of the day here at eight seven seven three dp show or hit us up on twitter i'll check your tweets at ross tucker nfl and at dp show nba free agency verses nfl free agency mc love in europe i at tell me where the pope while actors it's interesting sixty three percent prefer nfl and i think that's his sorta functioned of we have a lot more nfl fans who listen the show than mbf so is that that's what i was going to say is that just people that they're going to say nfl no matter what what my boiler why do you think we have a lot more nfl nba just because the world has a lot more in the fallen mba or the united states i guess yes i think this particular show no i think the united states k on the fatal says mannix says the nba owns the officies hino but it's it's got a threeweek window here the sees it when did this season ender like three weeks ago and it's basically this all gonna be over by next wednesday nfl has like three months of juicy nece so i think we're underestimate the nfl offseason they invented the big offseason they actually are televised they like five offseason television events i think the nba sort of riding the wave a little bit what do you got for turkey i gotta go nba over the nfl 'cause i just this just seems like there's much more of a chance of some blockbuster deal involving two three teams and bigname players even like chris paul 'christ pose a top ten player in the nba top twenty for sure.

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