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But but i'm just saying you can't have a guy that big who had been dominating at thirty forty and thirty nine and forty in his first two games and then tell me he gonna go over twelve if he makes two baskets baskets they win that game that comfortably. Well he definitely should have made the layup right right. I hear you and i won't. I'm not. I'm not going to defend the where joel be played but also know that it happens it happens. I mean joel. Embiid is not the first all-star or started receiving that struggled down the stretch of a game. Anyone i guess guess who's record. He broke by going. Oh and twelve in a playoff game for half michael jewell. Who was over eleven right in ninety seven against the heat now granted the blue route year guarantee. Right right right right. Yeah buried at right now me. Let me just jump in and ask one more question the clippers. I love the clippers. Where they are what they're doing. This is the first time. We've seen paul george and kawhi leonard. Both score thirty points back to back playoff games. This is what what people expect when they put these two together. I liked the makeup of the team. I like to the job that tie lose doing. I think they're coming out of the west. What do you make of the clippers. And what they've been able to do especially after first dallas series and then fallen behind. Oh to to utah. You know. it's amazing when you're talking about playing series or within playoff Within a playoff series quickly changes because think about what the narrative was when they were down to dallas and they how quick it attains when they tied up to to you know and then dallas where it's like. Oh my gosh you know. They're down three two here. We go again. Go out the door and then the next two then you start out the next two by losing to in utah. They think of the narrative. Did they go back and they win. Never to you. Know what. I like about the clippers. That would be honest. I love their championship. Pedigree now with kawhi leonard and also with result rondo anti because when when the team does where it would raise the players when they struggle criticized the coach and has pushed a lot of the right perhaps. Don't right knowing who to fit knowing who did not win the take guys. Out of rotation knowing went. Tacoma guys like luke when knowing when his bit would be incredibly important. Tai lue has not received enough credit with this clippers. Road right now. We're talking a lot about quieter. And do paul george and it's do but Tai lue deserves a lot of credit for the job. He's doing on our sideline now. I'm with you on that. I wanna ask you quickly antonio about the all nba. I is second team if you had any major issues. I team was steph. Curry and luca danni. Did the guards nicole ioka just center jaanus and kawai at the forwards. Second team was dame damian. Lillard chris paul at the guards embiid at the center. Lebron and julius randle at the forwards any major issues.

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