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Was clean. I'm not sure about the second one. The first one was claimed he missed it the second one. I thought was what he got a block have got fouled and Alycia by law. Law court drives on manic missed the layup rebounded by James outlets. Barbie automate diagnosed pass across the court Oldham's. Hey, scooped, it up got it and a foul feedback. Tough tonight. He's got ten points without him. They'd be in deep trouble. You know, you can't shoot budgets. Can't he's not a very good shooter. Everything he does is going to his left hand to the basket. But he said open court opportunities. Twenty one fourteen northwesterners Freeman in Mana gal. Christian do little junior from Edmond Oklahoma as macneice goes out one shot here for the and one Oldham's eight twenty three percent free. Throw shooter any swishes. It shouldn't have even seven anything Choji could shoot twenty one fifteen Oklahoma now Iran as Sooners within six eight twenty four to guard of the half. Steers games pressured by the enemy lost his footing keeps the dribble ally. Just get foul on Jade. How far away from the journalists at half court? Yeah. Inside. Limit court lives there pressure at the basketball. Now they've picked up their defense. Previous northwestern fell. By the way, was on Tertre law will live out that Fowler James v. Oklahoma foul to on the cats. Lost added dribble drives on James pulls up. Jumper in the air. Good off the dribble Vic law. Gets the capital eight twenty three eighteen so good at that. He just elevates people's. Here's do little swingset, right? Odors, Apopka James two games on it kicks. It back out the otas who's their leading scorer tonight against cop works his way into the lane shot was blocked. Got it back. Put it back up at scores. I'm not sure you get a piece of that. So far. Oldham's with thirteen points keeping them in this game. And it's twenty three to seventeen. There's law feeds it into a posting gains games little up and under gets to the rabbit. Lays it at twenty five seventeen. Boo. Working on his hosta. Here's Doolittle at the other shot high off the glass in over pardons. Outstretched arm first points for Christian Doolittle twenty five to nineteen so Oklahoma after rob start playing better. Here's part lo Radha gets Freeman pope's at the ball double pops reverse spit up. No, good rebound too. Little. There was some help there for three men a little too much. There goes James off three ring it up. Our ribs home time outdoors, western and the Lee down the three points here with six forty eight to go to the half. I reporter for Oklahoma. And it comes from James with six forty eight to go to the half the store now. Northwestern twenty-five, Oklahoma twenty two back in a moment. It's northwestern basketball presented by wintrust. When the lane packed on the court you go to the play. Highway you go to profile and assist? The thousand nine Nissan road now with the buildings on intelligent mobility technologies. Like pro pilot assist start in stopping highway traffic all on its own Nissan road. Nissan, proud partner of the northwestern. Wildcats. Bro, pilot assists.

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