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A lot of election denying politicians claim none of the January 6th insurrectionists brought guns to the capitol, new testimony at a trial belies that. A former oath keeper militia member has now testified about a large stash of weapons the group kept at a hotel just outside D.C. during the assault on the capitol, former group member, Terry Cummings testified he had not seen that many weapons since he was in the military, that they brought them as a show of force and would only be used as defense if needed. A testimony in the ongoing seditious conspiracy trial of Stuart Rhodes. ABC's Andy field, the January 6th committee holds what many think will be its last public hearing on Thursday. There will be recorded testimony from multiple former Trump officials. His attorney says they will appeal a Connecticut jury's judgment of almost $1 billion against Internet blowhard Alex Jones who for years made the bogus claim that the sandy hook school massacre in 2012 was a hoax. Richard cantu, ABC News. News radio 1000 FM 97 7 stay connected, stay informed. Good evening, I'm Kelly flyer and here are the top local northwest stories, a new city of Seattle report is on sparing in its criticism of the Seattle police department over SPD's response to the 2020 chop protest. We learn more from northwest news radios corn when Hague. Some seattleites remain deeply suspicious of their police force, as we are learning this week from public comments during city council budget hearings. Inflated staffing plans and unaccountable budget go hand in hand with systemic racism, violence, and anti democratic north. Now comes the third and final installment of a report from the Seattle office of inspector general, reviewing SPD's response to the 2020 racial equity protests. The report slams SPD for weaknesses in leadership and lack of transparency and accountability in the department's decision making processes. It especially calls out the now infamous Proud Boys roofs, in which officers chatted on the police band about a group of armed white supremacists marching on chop, the officers made it up, knowing protesters were monitoring their chatter. The report concludes the officers involved acted in bad faith, and that the ruse could be seen as an example of internalized racism. Corwin hake northwest news radio in response to the report the Seattle police department says it is carefully reviewing the findings and will be responding to the recommendation shortly. We've also reached out to the Seattle police officers guild for comment. Regional homelessness leaders say they're taking a disaster response approach to help people find housing in Seattle. That involves activating the city's emergency operations center. Jeremy Harris is more. City leaders say this facility is what's needed to help coordinate all of the homeless resources in the city and what they say is a disaster like response. Seattle leaders along with administrators from the King County regional homelessness authority said they are teaming up with the U.S. Department of Housing and urban development to start coordinating the many different organizations involved in homeless services. The King County regional homeless authority and several partners around the city say bringing everyone together in one spot will be more efficient and lead to more people being housed. Whenever an

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