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Welcome back to the goal line podcast. This is Patrick Prince Editor of Goldmine magazine. We're GONNA, be talking to Martin Nolan Executive Director Chief Financial, officer of Julien's auctions, and what's so cool about this episode as that, this weekend will be having a rolling stones auction coming up via Julian's, and it's a very cool one. It's presented property from Bill Wyman and his Rolling Stones Archive, and you'll. have everything from the vox amp that got basically got wyman the job in the stones. If you've if you've read a lot of stones history and and biographies, you'll know that this definitely this sort of Neil deal for him joining the stones they not only liked and wanted a bass player but they pills amp as well and it's also got Brian Jones Guitar that Bill Wyman had and. Martin's going to explain why that has a historical. That has historical significance. So right there you got to items that are huge and rolling stones history, but knowing Bill Wyman if you've read some of the books, he's put out, he's collected rolling Stones Memorabilia ephemera everything for years everything from ticket stubs to the highest historical item. So a lot of that is in here in this auction. So if you're one of buy high end, you buy high end but. You can also buy stuff for a few hundred dollars bid on that, and also if you do bid and don't get what you want, there is a beautiful you could even call them coffee table books, three of them that come together and catalog the entire auction. So you could buy that two Julien's auctions, dot com but right now we're going to talk to Martin and the auction will be live on Friday September eleventh Saturday twelve and Sunday September thirteenth. Let's talk to Martin all the details. Hey Marin how are you?.

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