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I want to give you a sense of why I think he's doing it. And I blame him by blame. I mean, I think it is the fault of Colli Leonard. And in some ways Spurs organization that probably didn't have a choice. One of the things that I think LeBron James has never gotten the credit. He deserves four and for that matter. Kevin Durant, even the people get mad at Katie. And then Katie gets real sensitive and lashed out of the whole world Jin Derrick rose is a great performance. And Katie goes after the media, cool, go go go go. Lebron always honored his contract. He never demanded a trade. He never leak. There was going to be a trade didn't stay again. Again, he left on his contract. And it's a copycat league people. Do what stars do, but they also. Look for pass that are that are blazed by various. Stars. And emulate the ones that they want to go down, quite Leonard. I think is a top three player in the league when he's healthy. At least last time. He played a full season. I thought he was the second best player in the league after him. Lebron james. And what he did what he created was the precedent that if you're a star, and you're somewhere, you don't want to be and you don't get traded when or how you want you sit out you feign injury. You blackmail by having a process and approach that actually damages your team's chances to win. And I think it's I think it lacks honor care about anymore. But I do think it violates your word. I think it's petty and small I think it's wrong. But here's the problem. Here's the thing. Here's the deal. It is effective. I can't argue with that. Didn't want to be a spur Kleiner couldn't play quiet. Leonard lettuce. Spurs team struggle now without him. And they called his bluff for an entire season. And they finally buckled. I get it. They can't afford to have quieted on another year. They can't recruit the kind of talent some other markets can to Marta Rosen's and all star was better than nothing. I get it. I hate it. But I get it. The problem becomes that set a precedent now because what's going on right now. What did you mean bar scene right now? Kawhi Leonard is a great market. He's at an organization with guys glad to have him. He's got an incredible GM really a president of operations, but whatever head of basketball ops. He's got a great head coach. I think we think Nick nurse and he's got a team. That's one of the best in Eastern Conference players who are busting their behinds playing defense. It worked quite one quiet in the right place in the next year. You can go every once. And Jimmy Butler pulled the exact same move. And I don't know how to argue Jim if Jimmy Butler in the room, I don't know what I would say the guy you're doing the wrong thing. Even though it's gonna work stop doing it. We live in a time in America right now where people do the things that are effective even if they're wrong. It's just a reality across all of our pop culture, politics technology, and now sports. It's the wrong thing. I know, but it's working and nobody thinks that's an issue anymore. The Jimmy Butler story should be a bigger story. You're not gonna play and it's cool the Derrick rose and by the way. The jubilation the celebration that you saw for Derrick rose in that locker room. It struck me two ways. One those guys love him. And to he is the anti Jimmy Butler to them present around likeable. And I've said this I don't need likable. You'll have to be likable for me to respect you. Nick saban's the example. I point to a lot. There's a lot of guys. I mean, LeBron would be that guy. Sometimes LeBron's such a complicated cat, but and so say, but. You have to know your role in your lane and Jimmy Butler is not a head coach. And Jimmy Butler is not LeBron James. And I hate what he's doing. I think it's wrong. I think it's dishonorable and I think it's because Kawhi Leonard pulled this off and one and I'm not saying I mean, the Spurs don't want to be martyrs for the rest of the league. Great popular doesn't want to sit as organization back two or three or five years. So that other organizations have the same problems crop up. I get it in in a self interested way and the Spurs are playing really good basketball. They always think they have Bob. So I'm not sure who's to blame other than Kawhi Leonard. But I'll say this Pandora's box has been opened. I would reference Indiana Jones and the lost ark. But still would get really confused about what I'm talking about. When the ark gets opened. That's what's happened. The arc spin opened. We got knowledge now we didn't need. It turns out if you're a superstar and scream bombs at your coaches and your teammates in a practice, and that doesn't work, and you may want to be gone in that doesn't work, and you tell your coach and a meeting you want to be gone, and that doesn't work. You can just sit out be like to hell with you. I'm hurt painting. My money, I'm hurt a hamstring. Oh, prove it ought hurts. Do an Ray. Oh, didn't pick it up. Oh, my ankle. Oh, I've got fatigue. I listened to write is really bad. And may I can't play tomorrow. The trace, you know, Notre Dame. Penn State confused me. I can't play. Oh, stewart. Comex favorite cities, Oklahoma City has never even been there. I know what's happening. Oh, I can't play whenever you're whatever. Excuse it works that rather than you guy laughed too much. Why are you giggling sports talk radio? Stop it. I can't play another game. It's effective. And I hate it. And. Am I gonna bash Jimmy Butler anymore than I have? I think it's wrong. I think it's ridiculous. I think it's obnoxious. I think it's a mistake. I think it probably is in part like with pop the product not just because things are always complicated nuanced. You have a really stubborn head coach and pop. Who's thing was no you're under contract. My way the highway to hell with you. More or less than co. I said the hell with you man, and the same thing's going on Jimmy Butler and Tom. Get it. Things are complicated. You're under contract. We don't always have the bosses that we want. And this is a reality thing a lot of guys in in professional sports. They get outraged by. I got lied to. Yeah. People lie bosses lie. All the time. I can the real world bosses lie. All the time is it. Okay. No. Is life fair? It's not the people you hire the teammates that you acquire always live up to the expectations. You have. Unfortunately, that's not the way that it goes. And I don't know what the solution is other than I find myself. Suddenly rooting for Tom does ego and stubbornness and frustration. I hope he makes Butler sit on that bench the entire year. I'll be doesn't trade him for six first round picks because you know, what to hell with that entire notion. And the next guy who would try to pull that off this Jimmy Butler thing is actually quite Leonard part two. And if Butler gets where he wants to go the gets traded affiliate gets traded accused enemy ends up in a great situation. It's going to be not when not if it happens with the next guy. But when. And if you're listening to the show in Milwaukee. You're listening to Oklahoma City. If you're listening to basically, anywhere, that's not Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, maybe Miami, be very very weary of hoping that Butler goes to your team because if he goes somewhere else the next time a superstar refuses to play because he wants out plays the ultimate Trump card. It might be in your backyard. 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