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This year. Well it's march first and feels like the march toward the. The serious racing really picked up a lot of steam this weekend. Andy as always appreciate the opportunity to flesh this kind of thing out. Good to talk to you. Steve always buyer everybody and buyer associates. Wanted to make sure he understood what went into that figure because the the raw number the preliminary came back You know very low but then You know with with adjustment and you know adding in the variant makes makes perfect sense and yeah. That was a question. Andy mentioned it certainly makes it easier for figure. Makers if there's more than one race on a card at the configuration at the distance i mean another mile and a sixteenth race might have been nice would have helped. I mean there was mostly one turn everything else. Was you know one. Turn dirt racing including the allowances and the the other stake maiden race and you know the maiden phillies that started the day. that nice george. Weaver had a nice winter to start the day that passed the champagne. This randy hill and black type and rock ridge racing and black ridge racing a flatter philly and with johnny one at four to five and came back with a with a ninety with an eighty five buyer There was the maiden winner of saffy. Joseph's that's headed to the florida derby That was also pretty impressive. And that one was collaborate. This is another into mischief. Yet and collaborate was the fifth yet fifth race and breaks the maiden off by. Doesn't if you didn't see it out of the nice quiet temper Which i'm not mistaken. Was dale almost positive. That was dale. Romans and so collaborate second start for three chimneys and bob edwards the rest. Yeah there was the attachment rate and allowance win that that was another hit for a terrific by By scully that was another of scully's hits for the weekend. Yeah everything else. There was the gulfstream mile that was fearless in the so there was nothing else to compare. You know the mile is sixteen racist to makes it a little the not not. That racing offices need to schedule their their cards based on the needs of figure makers but it it helps. Let's do this. Let's take the break and come back and visit with jimmy bell. Talk about all the success. Godolphin had on saturday. Three graded stakes wins. They've.

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