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Does it not? Oh, absolutely. You know, when I was US Secretary early on. I said that that we needed to get beyond the stigma from boating, homeownership, we went through this time periods, and we heard this narrative that and if it was true in some instances that there were loans homeowners that were made to folks that we should not have gotten what? Although I would just do whether that was the driving force behind the housing for session, but we learned lessons, and there were regulations there's laws that I think with some safeguards there. And so I said in twenty four team that it was time again to strike strike, a strong balance speech ensuring that we learn the lessons cast those mistakes, and but also making capital available to hardworking families. So that they. Could own a home. And for all of the reasons that you said, you know, it's still equity, but also forced to create jobs. There's consumer activities that has positive benefits for Konami. So just all around when we do it in the right way. It makes a lotta sad it makes benefits for everybody. Your name was bandied about in two thousand sixteen as a potential presidential candidate. And it's being bandied about again and your book, and unlikely journey is a wonderful story of you and your twin brother how you were brought up and my question relates to a general question. I would ask why would anybody in their right mind? Want to be president of the United States? You start out of the gate with fifty percent of the country against you. Well, you know, you put your finger on probably, you know, one of the most difficult challenges. But well, of course, a president. But a lot of leaders have public sector leaders have today, which is if it feels often times that we're so polarized. People are divided up the camps. But I got into public service because I felt very very blessed with tremendous opportunity by lights, and I wanted to make sure that I could do something. So that other people could have that kind of opportunity, and whether it was when I was mayor San Antonio or in the president's cabinet, President Obama's cabinet. I used through the levers of those officers to spark raider opportunity for folks. And if I decide to. In twenty twenty. It'll be because I believe that we could do that for this country at. There's a lot of ways that we can do that together as the country, but I definitely agree with the point of your question, which is that. Politics kinda crazy these days it a lot of ways more negative than ever. But I think that we can get past that. So when you do if you decide to run for president the United States, you're up against the stock market. Well, it's sort of correction mode now is at all time. Highs interest rates are going up because the Federal Reserve is an independent entity is raising them because they think the economy can absorb it. Would you make any major changes at this point? I know it's premature, but what do you think? The achilles heel for the economy is right now Julian cross Houlihan Castro. Well, I think that we still have a lot of folks out there that are struggling, and I saw that my role as secretary of housing what I saw across the United States, I visited a hundred different communities in thirty nine states. Or folks that were struggling to pay the rent I've seen in the last eighteen months, a spike in unsheltered almost the south there at our country..

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