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Majors are pretty good fifty five north little bit slow mass transit no major problems in the care of the twenty four hour traffic center thank you so much Brian and now we're gonna look at the eyewitness weather five day forecast your CVS three Tiffany Simona a few showers will be possible tonight and we stay colder breezy as temperatures dropped to thirty six degrees by Monday morning moderate tidal flooding is looking likely for areas along the Jersey Shore and at the Delaware beaches during high tide on Monday which is between eleven AM and noon otherwise were cloudy will likely see periods of light rain and drizzle throughout the day we say chili with has run forty five we dried on Tuesday but the clouds hang around mostly cloudy with a high of fifty two mix of sun and clouds on Wednesday has run fifty clouds will be an increase on Thursday but at least it's more seasonable highs around fifty five and rain chances return on Friday we hear the broadcast center at three thirty four it is overcast and forty four degrees and set the plans to expand its solar powered signals the three more regional rail lines in two thousand twenty is they wanna be's Mike denardo with more solar panels have provided backup electricity for train signals on the Chestnut Hill west line for the last year having the signal power reliable allows our train system be reliable and sept is director of innovation Eric Johannson says the power to signals on that line has gone uninterrupted even in severe weather not to have a single signal power failure during that time for something that used to happen about monthly is pretty significant so next year set their plans to install solar panels along the west Trenton Doylestown and Warminster lines.

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