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I think that's how it's going to those trading statement though have to have the house and the senate example ignace that's one of the the crazy things about america and and i think it's a good thing is that we have the three bodies of government and then the fourth one the judicial that comes in and steps on him once in a while and should but you hit the house and the senate in and the president and those three bodies work together sometimes not too well but i i i personally like the new tax bill so i and i and i gotta say kevin you know when you do in taxes for people how how many people have in explain this to me is the exemption up to ten thousand is at ten thousand out of pocket or is that ten thousand of taxes you pay well well it's going to be taxi pay out of pocket it it's gonna be a combination of your property taxes and your state income tax or local income tax we don't have to high of a local but washington day yes a again or sales tax in there too exactly sales tax for washington there's a that calculation usually ends up not being too significant but it it in there for sure so if somebody has property tax of twelve thousand dollars just make it simple ten thousands are going to be able to write the ten off against her federal but the other two they're not correct and no other state or local income taxes right yup right or sales tax and then you know you know what that that says to me is that puts it back on.

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