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Money our phone lines do get busy during the show this is hugely popular like I said we welcome to lot of members just within the last month and this really is the new age of income if people can trade in their current job and get out of their traditional habits you know it's interesting when you think about traditional habits it's like you know my dad had a J. O. B. E. or my mom had a J. O. B. and you know they're just used to that and you know back in the day Hey if you want to make more money we'll go out and get another job that pays more and up with this this is completely different you don't even have to leave your house all you need is a computer and internet service so check this out for yourself at the very least you can probably replace your current income but more likely you can far surpass that and you know I want to comment on what I said at the beginning you're right they won't get a Harvard degree because that cost about three hundred grand and and and now you come out with a degree and then you have to pay that back now you have to get a job and pay it back so there are other treating schools but there are two things they don't have our software and the leadership of our mentors we have the software and the leadership of our mentor every morning he he gets us motivated his leadership and personality is infectious it's like a classroom and it'll it literally it'll change the way you think I don't think the way I I used to anymore at all he reduces the variables in this thing to make it where you can make more money but what's more important is his passion isn't just getting people to make more money his passion is also in people keeping it which is so important when I got got involved in this I was building my nest and now what I'm doing is building my nest egg and I wanna beagle Oster Jake like you said I don't want to say how much I made last week but let's just say I did better last week then in any job I've ever had and that's working just two hours a day and I I did I think eleven trades nine more winners in the other two what I did wrong I I I didn't really I didn't exactly stick to the plan I didn't follow our mentor and the two I did wrong I did on my own so that's that was my fault you start you start to think you know what you're doing and that's kind of when you head into trouble so where else are you going to find a group like this where you.

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