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Your identity means there I mean you know at the is it the new macs are in the seventies and eighties good thing down our throats why on the buy this with another one I mean the one and identities I mean hi how are you both will close that when you when you talk to somebody I mean and we even those with the family on the ship sure read one of his own heart non binary the center I mean you need a glossary Walker in your pocket you know what the hell you're talking about all right so that you can I so that you can identify the genders of Democrats yeah yeah many genders of that there is no look there's no longer a binary world there are no more boys and girls men and women that's all old Frank the new thing K. as as you said seventy one or what what is the number on Facebook six sixty as a note and the number is different in Great Britain on Facebook than it is in the United States on Facebook but it's dozens and dozens and seventy is a perfectly good ball park it's quite remarkable the Facebook idea that's mark soccer Berg I guess and look you know many what whatever you are I I wish you nothing but happiness made the American dream be be yours for the taking may live a long and happy life in the meantime I'd like to live a long and happy life too and if you're not cases could leave me the hell alone every now and then to live my life like a normal person I'd sure appreciate it and if we can't come to that arrangement they were gonna have to have another discussion because you people are wack jobs you understand you're you're crazy people and and just I'm gonna go ahead and do what you want to DO nobody's going to bother you just to go ahead and live your life and you be nice will be nice it's the same old rule it's the it's the golden rule I think is that do unto others as you'd have them do unto you now we don't spend our lives harassing the hell out of you all day every day about crazy insane political movements and there is a new one every twenty minutes and it changes every two days and there are really are the other two genders plus one there is there's no there's mail it whether it we have chromosomes we have science you know how they pretend to be people of science if your people of science you recognize that there are two genders and then and then every now and then there's you know you got to build a little wiggle room for some stuff I get that but there is I I found one for your neck ABC news as the the story from two thousand fourteen here's a list of the fifty eight gender options for Facebook users fifty eight different choices of gender for Facebook users age gender and drove Giannina androgyne out and they want to know what that is this woman says man no cisgender man that's the same thing gender fluid what are your whatever male to female neither then it'll look you're one of the other transalpina out on a cover and other should have an asterisk and and yet you really should be required to be a registered Democrat I think not bad it's the metric system all over again I'll never watch has got it's a fun thought Nick thank you it's the metric system all over again they're trying to update genders I you know that was done long ago it really was and I get you know and everybody gets it you know they the Greeks I mean everybody knows about this right you know drop your keys in Greek town can't come to the car it's everybody knows his stuff I would have you know going back to ancient times on me well but that's not on his side Victoria's great she's look at me like what that's it everybody knows this and and everybody knows what you know goes on and pull cat tend and behind closed doors and Saudi Arabia yeah we know all this everybody gets this this is this is not new stuff some crazy stuff in old time China you know a lot and and Japan to lot of a lot of stuff okay we get it there's nothing new here what is it made like at Madame butterfly things like that but I never I never to see that but that but there you go just.

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