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Remember, he flips all those cars with the guns. That's all. They're there for Peter. Okay. Actually interesting because the Batman no kill thin camp out because of all the restrictions. The government put in place against comics in the fifties. Following all these censorship outcries? So rather than you know, just have Batman suddenly stop murdering they built into the character. They doesn't murder in these days eve as grim as Batman comics are all these days, and they're really grim. It's such a cornerstone of the character, you know, even post Burton Burton. So it's just it's so strange to hear this still because it's been, you know, sixty years is Batman has not been a murderer burns limb person ever go out that path that it's so strange to me. Well, I mean, it seems like Saks netter was trying to create his whole other version of the D C. The universe. And he also made this other quote, this other comment about his original plans for that Martha scene. Chris it tell us about it. I I I know it's it's almost too hard to believe this. I if I need to hear it come out of your mouth, this is this is really wild. So I he went off a little spiel defending the infamous scene in Batman v superman where Batman is seconds away. From just straight up murdering superman and superman, you know, asks Batman to save Martha which is his mother and batmans mother, of course, was also named Marsha. You know, there's Martha Kent that Superman's mom, and there's Martha Wayne, that's batmans. Bob and superman saying that makes Batman realize like oh, superman has a family, and blah, blah, blah. I've been wrong this whole time. That's an okay idea in theory. But the execution is really bad, and we're all still laughing about it. So during the same event Zack Snyder, I he defended that. Apparently, he revealed that there was originally a much crazier idea about this where it turns out that after Martha Wayne got shot in crime alley which you know, is of course, the famous Batman origin story where his parents get gunned down batmans dead died, but Bartha Wayne survived and she was put in the witness protection program in Kansas at which point she became Martha Kent under assumed identity. And then, you know, she found superman in the field or whatever after he crashed earth and raised him as her son. So there's going to be this twist. Where after superman reveals his mother is named Martha Batman learns that they're like a brothers, essentially, they have the same mother. And boy, I wish he had done that because that would have been just even more crazy, and I would love to see the reaction to that. Oh my God. The outrage would've been insane. There's so much wrong with. This. Why wouldn't Martha Wayne leaf traumatize son alone be raised by the Butler? Why would why why I mean, you know, to to give Zach sired the doubt, we don't know the whole thing because we don't have the script. Maybe in this version of the story. She thought her son was dead. I don't know why they would put her at the police protection program and not tell her son was alive. I don't know. I'm trying to be nice wouldn't hear about Bruce, Wayne from you You know know..

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