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This is off the Red Carpet with George Pinocchio sponsored by Mercedes Benz over one. Welcome to off the Red Carpet on George Pinocchio and today we are talking about something that began forty two years ago back in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven that is when George. Lucas introduced us to the world of Star Wars and for fans. Well I think we all know by now. They never looked back. They've been loving it all this time and now the end of the skywalker. Saga doggone brings to a close the entire nine episode series. Done in three different trilogies and the man to close out this blockbuster. Franchise Filmmaker J.J. Abrams I guess whenever I'm involved with something for a long time when it comes to an end I know that I'm GonNa miss something. What are you going to miss most about the star wars experience part of it is a challenge of doing it at all? You know saying yes as to this. I wasn't supposed to come back to to do episode nine and when Catherine Kennedy called and asked if I if I would I felt a level of fear in it I felt the challenge of it of ending this thing not just three calls nine films making a movie that works works on its own as well and it was just. It was a daunting prospect and yet that feeling of being in a kind of campaign gene you know sort of going to war every day you know how do we how do we. There's A. There's a certain kind of I dunno mentality that you bring to every day. Your costly problem solving second-guessing triple guessing inquiry. So for me are part of it will be that the obvious answer is this amazing cast. I this incredible crew. Everyone in post production. I mean I cannot tell you at the end of the movie when she does thousands of names and they were really thousands of names. Those are people who worked countless hours to make this movie and so I'm grateful to all of them. So when does it end. When did you know you had the ending right? It's a strange. I think this movie The the ending was something that was was of course very difficult to to structure and come up with and yet we did it fairly early on and oddly it was the beginning. That was the struggle and I think we we found solving that you know finding our way in post but it was. It was something that I sort of felt like for and while we had our ending so it was never really you know for a while we were a free the whole thing. And then we're less freaked out about the ending in the middle but it was a very strange Process on this one because usually the ending is it feels like is usually the biggest struggle but for this the whole movie was an ending in a in a weird way. You knew how to end it so we thought we did from you all right. You're giving me some heavy moments understand. I know you right now right now. Not Not now. Am I giving you some heavy on my vibes. You're good okay. I WanNa feel the emotions and you're going to give me. Several of them aren't aren't you. I think that I know. Is that the ambition of this movie which was always pretty enormous in terms of scope scope and spectacle scale and all that we were always conscious of the fact that none of that matters if you're not emotionally connected and if you're not feeling something and if you're going to cry you know you've got to laugh and if you're going to scream you have to care if you're going to the movie had to be this balance of of of of intimacy and spectacle but but the emotion of it is the only thing I really care about and I do think that if we did our job right you will experience the gamut including I think being being moved awesome. I'm out of time. Come on what. I'm sorry. Look it was ending up like a like a double shot. Come on you know this. And now to the cast daisy Ridley returns as the character array who continues her training and is determined to bring down the first order. All right. You're always this positive ositive light when I walk into a room to talk to you and then I hear that you're GonNa make very sad maybe watching some of this movie that it goes pretty deep this time does it does but there is a lot of joy there is a lot of joy. It's very fun. There were scenes. I'm an unusually. It's not enjoyable watching yourself but I remember NBA doing. There's a particularly with Oscar. That was so fun and with two cameras on us it was very messy and I remember doing it. How Fun it was watching? I was like that's nice. One Tissue Movie Tissue Movie Box Tissue Movie. I didn't cry during. I have only seen it once and I was more like a myself. I did cry after richly grant wept. So I think maybe a couple tissues maybe not true I wanna be surprised is when I go to see this and I started to read some of the articles and then it becomes like Blah Blah Blah because everyone who writes the articles they have a PhD in star. Wars I have a pretty good education stores. But I'm not like these super fans are you. Did you have to become one or did you just say no. I'm good with what I I now. Yeah and even like John is much more like aware of like fan conversations and I think he knows the novels and stuff like that I think for for each of us to represent Senate different sort of the Star Wars. FANDOM is great because there are people that might be watching this first star. Wars film might be watching this. That's what all of them and there's something something for everyone it's like. This beautiful story exists by itself. And then if you're a massive so it's fan there's all these other things that mean something in a historical way. so Um I'm Harrison and Kerry and mark we're forever entwined after this their star wars life was over. Is it going to be the same for your co-stars. Isn't that Nice. Yeah I mean. John said earlier I really am so lucky that it was John. Everyone else's also amazing. But AH we're both same age from London all of that source of and also just really love each other in a really lovely way and I think this could have been difficult and more isolated. I suppose if I didn't have someone to experience that with I think that you've handled this craziness with great grace but now I wanNA talk about your excitement for what's next scene because I think we need to remember that you were an actress before this and you'll be an actress long after this. Yeah I mean I'm reading great stuff I am unemployed but it's it's funny because the first time around my agent was like you. You shouldn't well actually. Jj said you shouldn't take each other films. Come out because people will see so of what you can do so I thought like it's okay. I obviously obviously don't love myself watching it but I'm proud of the work into it. So hopefully people might want employ me. When they've seen? I think there will probably got time for one. More question. A Trivia question. Because when you're waiting to do these interviews you only one star wars movie. Yeah does not Have Light Sabers in the poster. Which one is it? What's none of us? Oh maybe not phantom menace. The Empire Empire strikes one of the originals interesting because they call a big fight and that one that was a surprise Kylo Ren is also back played by Adam driver. He's the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia and he adopted his new name after turning to the dark side. Here's my interview with Adam. I come in here and I. I'm seeing you play this role or I will see it but I look at these other two movies you've gotten. I just think my gosh you can really mix it up and you will be we. We will not be able to go to the movies in December without you and at least two multiplexes. Yeah that's sorry no it. Do you ever wonder why you get hired so much. I mean I think people know you're a good actor but you get such a great range. Oh thank you I know I don't i. Don't try to analyze. Why get jobs I'm Jay? I'm grateful that I get them and grateful that it's with with people that you know. I wanted to work with. Luck has an incredible amount to do with it. Luck luck has amount but if you're not talented they can easily replace. Well Yeah I. I know a lot of talented people who for one reason or another haven't had the opportunities that I've had so I think timing and luck is a huge. I don't know what the percentage of it is but it's massive well. I want to go here now with this movie. And we're GONNA talk about. Everyone wants to know surprises and they want to know. I really don't WanNa know I WANNA WANNA walk in and not know a darn thing about this movie shoot. I know something. No no no no. That's the best way to go into these movies in particular particular because the spectacle is so huge that always on I mean with any movie really I mean even the someone was asking this earlier the people in my family. There's it's not a difficult the thing to keep from them because they want to be surprised like anybody else. I and I feel the true fans of these movies. Don't WanNa know anything. They they want to experience it As fresh as possible. I have seen all of the stores movies but then I start reading the articles that are happening before the movie comes out and you need a PhD. Need to decipher them. These fans have it so nailed down about what they expect and want. I bet you know that we'll be satisfied when this is over. I I mean I don't know I. I can't begin to speak to that many people but I feel it was very satisfying working on it so hopefully and from what I hear from everybody else in the cast asked to the scene at the that it does even reading Ed being onset every day I could feel that what J. Jj and. Chris had kind of come up with was unique and rare and a challenging thing to land of as he said in that press conference not three movies but nine. What do you miss about this experience when it goes away? I was selling some of the others that Harrison and mark and Carrie all stayed in contact for forty years. Yeah I Yeah I mean the relationships that you form are definitely. I always knew in the back of my mind that I was going back to the same group of people that you know. Oh you're Dresser Amanda or the script supervisor who comes you know came back for the with. Jj on the second. One are running into Kathy. Kathy Kennedy changed my life. She's the person that recommended me to. Jj for this job seeing her for off and on for six months you know bill. Every other year is feels very familiar and Oscar. Who I know? We've been friends before and got nothing but closer or over the course of these movies having moments with him onset offset. It's all You're you're right to assume that it would be in these relationships that deform with the people you're working with John..

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