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Dot org. Mike you are on. I'm listening. Good morning. Hey, good morning. How are you doing good? Thank you, Mike. What do you have forced today, sir? Well, we have two stories if Mexico for your town. My first story started out when I was really gung. I was about twenty one. My best friend. I mean, this guy was my best friend in the whole wide. Will he called me twenty four hours before because many suicide, and I didn't know that he was going to commit suicide. I really had no clue about it. And what happened was he came came to my house about four o'clock in the morning was like your Joakim going through this. I'm going to that. And I talked to him. I said man, you have a lot of moving. The do you feel like you're fortunate? But what I've come to realize is that you don't know. How what you're a person is. When they dealing with it what the building with and after I was going through a lot and Mike. I I would like to I would like to Posner Mike because you just said something that's really important. And I would like Dr Whiteside to talk about it. Then we'll get back to another part of your story. But Mike is a survivor like he was at the epicenter of somebody else that we that. He lost a suicide like that. And that I know has happened in my life with with my daughter in. That's I mean, the person that still here that his so close to that. They do they do go through a lot. And I didn't know how to help the person that's still here. And and you have any comments on that Dr Whiteside? Yeah. When somebody dies by suicide, and you've been a witness you've been in that person's life. You know, you really need to take it seriously that you you've been through a trauma that you by by proxy by being so close to that person your risk of depression, anxiety, even suicide increases, so it is important that people know that to take care of somebody who has been through something like you've been through Mike and Mike. What is that? What is the other story you'd like to share with us, sir? It's my third Brad said he's going through a lot right now and believe it or not years, call them disease, and he's really go to a lot of anxiety with abuse at the school and things of that nature. So still like subpar he comes oh, I wanna kill myself. And I would get upset now upset with the situation. And I talked to him about it. And I was like man, it ain't worth it. Because. After like this in all the listeners to understand this about suicide. This is the main factor about what's that? When you in or you wanna kill yourself. Just think about all the people that kill about. Think about how selfish little years. Because not old you hurt yourself in a whole, what's the people really really really care about. And. Exactly. All those things. To say that it's wall 'cause human life. The oakland. We all have to come together and say, you know, what I don't want to kill myself because the personal around the corner is talking about me. I don't wanna talk where I don't want to kill myself because the bully is taking my lex Mon Mike, you said Mike, you said some beautiful words. You are. Absolutely, right. We all have to come together. And I and I do appreciate the call. And by the way, Mike re real quick we because we heard from Mike mccready of Pearl Jam earlier. Mike mccready has Crohn's disease, and he has been so open about what he's gone through with that disease. So if you can if you can go find Mike mccready, he does all these are he does like benefits for Crohn's disease. He's very open about it. Maybe there's something there that your nephew grandson could actually be inspired by because that helps doesn't if we can find somebody who's been in our shoes that well, we could look to or you think. Okay. There's still living their life in a successful fashion. I I gotta think that's helpful. Yeah. When you're looking at when you're trying to get through something find somebody finds somebody who you can look up to who talked about how they did it. Get there be do all these things. But find somebody you can use an example in he also made another point which was that. When you kill yourself. You put those that you love at risk. So you may feel like a complete burden a total mess up. But just think this means that if you leave that means your little brother or your sister your aunt there is for suicide goes up. So it's not just about you, an we're not telling you that feel guilty. We're not saying suicide selfish. But we are saying is there a real impact? There's a real impact when you kill yourself. And it has a broader reach than you might anticipate. And we had a previous caller who her level of awareness of that was amazing because that's what she said was a reason why she didn't because she didn't want to give that burden to anybody else. I've talked to people about in their last moments before they were about to attempt the image of somebody came into their mind. And they realized oh, wow. I can't do this to them. I can't do. That's what stopped them. So I want you to know right now before you get to that point. Like don't don't leave when you could put somebody else that you care at greater risk and put them through more suffering. I surely hope Michael you also have people you can talk to people you can be with it can give you a lot of love because you deserve. It man. No doubt about it. It's I'm listening, and if you would like to call in or get any of the resources that we have available today. 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