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Hold on watching the Lakers thunder after the Lakers and thunder game. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna shower at night in the morning. It's crazy. Mike by sons running in the room the twins themselves at opened the door. They run around the house. I'm not gonna take showering. It's gotta be at work are only car prepare for the show. Love you. You might guy. That's nasty, bro. I'm just telling you the truth. Do I put the odorant on this, man? That is so nasty put the ordering on. Shower midday. So it must have worked a workout. And then I shout. Our once a day must be an advantage of not being a big guy because I would be here this this these damn windows would be foggy. If I came in here without taking a shower after playing basketball put new draws you got body cleaning draws tell me you took a shower, bro. Just tell me lying to me. I can't do it. I can't do it. It's one of my things. I don't like to make a phone call. That's terrible. This isn't every day that is terra. My normal routine is work workout shower, change, my shower before you come to work because too early mess kids wake up at six after leave the house at seven at the Puc 'cause my wife sleeps you so I've put the clothes on the caves, I try to force some cereal forum. I'm I'm working every second of the day. I don't got time. I worked hard to showers. What it is. I work too. Hard shower too hard to shower. Sorry, sorry. I'm working so disappointed professional and a family, man. US thing. Apologize. Look your thing. Your house your house take care of the kids traveling traveling for work. Do I smell? Conversation that does Jacoby smell. What would you? So you don't smell. I don't smell. But your stinky. You're thirty bro. Not on the text my wife text right now. We'll keep doing apartment say let you do as smell bad. And we'll see what she says. She says you sweat, bro. Do you know what swam is sweatiest guy ever ever met in your life? Patrick Ewing looks at me is like that guy's you take a shower first of all shower every day. So. Lets you take a shower to clean your body, smell good. Yeah. To clean, my bright. Fortunately, they make Sautin out at smells good and all your Darby texted back. My wife about quick to in general know, why in general, no, I don't smell. That'd be expelled from times. Smell almost. I am appalled. Brought this is mind boggling under telling you the truth. I'm not Talking to. to you on the podcast. I'm not playing. Join Marcus a shower every day twelve hours in from playing a basketball game without a shower, bro. Fourteen hours fourteen. That's that's almost day. So you can't you say, oh, it's been twenty three hours. Shower after later, I got workout late. I'm shower after that shower once a day, I just don't shower in the morning like everybody else has shower halfway through the day. Is this shower wants is not the point of win you shower the point is if you play a basketball game, and you sweat, take a shower, bro. They don't have showers at the gym. I was watching the Lakers and the thunder stain of too late watching the Lakers and the thunder shower late vision, not to do it at home. It's not a cut. I don't get time. I worked hard getting the showers works. We take a day off. We know no showed him our everybody. Do you know why there's been no show tomorrow to shower? Oh, a child was bad now like. Like. Now now loss mad love for you that don't change the love. I have for you. That's nasty dirty. Always a pleasure. Having on the show, Marcus spears. You can catch him on the SEC network. You can follow him on social media, Marcus spears future star. World. I wanna thank you for listening to the podcast. And also we'll be back tomorrow with Jalen rose as a co host was that cares. We're not. Guys. The I was telling the truth Kodak shocked me. Sweat told me that before that's shocking Sweat sweat a lot a lot. fourteen thousand times to shower have the plan basketball.

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