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Against The Odds


Cecilia hits her headlamp. The light flickers once and has gone. She can't see thing and now she's alone on the mountain in the dark without ralph. Her heart is racing tears. Roll down her face. An image flashes into her mind his smiling face as he built so to dylan tune on his her monica blow in the wind. She shakes her head. He must be here somewhere. Maybe he's hurt waiting for them and then she hears a voice from below cecilia. It's lars cecilia. repel down. it's okay. Just hurry. She reaches forward in the dark and fuels for the rope. She gives it a tug and then slides down into the darkness as she repels headlamp flickers on and off casting eerie shadows on the ice and rock maybe lars found rolf. She thinks they'll be standing at the bottom waiting for her. They can go home together when she gets to the bottom. She looks around no roof. Only lars where is he she feels cheated like lars tricked her into coming down but then she sees lars face in the soft glow of his headlamp. It's gentle and soft cecilia. Listen he's gone. We have to go look for him tomorrow when it's light k. Cecilia stands frozen trying to comprehend it all just this morning. The sun was shining and she was looking down into her husband's smiling face. Now it's dark and he's gone. She puts one foot in front of the other and continues down. The pemba sherpa looks over the edge of the icy slope above the traverse. It's ten pm. He made good time down the snowfield and quickly found the top of the traverse. There's a problem. There's no rope leading down. The korean team took it after they descended. The only thing left behind was the ice axe. They used to anchor the rope now. The koreans are seated down below quiet and exhausted. This means the remaining climbers on the mountain will need to get down the one hundred fifty foot wall without the aid of a rope a drop. That's roughly the height of twelve story. Building he walks back a few paces and confers with sherpa cheering door jay. From the american team they decide to descend and wait for the others at the bottom. Maybe they can help. Guide them down while they wait. Pemba watches the korean team. There disoriented and their movement. Slow it takes some of them fifteen minutes to put on their headlamps a tasks that would normally only take two at last. Here's the voices of his teammates from above the ridge. There's no rope. He shouts be careful. Go very slowly. The men kicked their crampons and access into the ice for support and slowly carefully lower themselves down. Pemba is glad to see them. Along with the climber from italy when they get to firm ground they stand quietly against the wall staring into the shadowy darkness around them. One of the mumbles. Our we find the rope. Everything just looks the same there in even worse shape than the last pemba sabam the altitude and the climb up have decimated all of them. The korean team leader. Mr kim sits in the snow panting for breath. No one is leading the way or at all. If someone doesn't do something they will all die here on. The mountain. pemba quickly calls the small group of sherpas together. The four of them are the only ones still in good shape listen. The climbers need our help to get down the traverse. We're going to need to rope them together. Does anybody have a rope. One of the sherpa rustles through his pack. I have one. I saved and in case of emergency. That's great. we'll stand to at the front and two at the end will hold onto the rope. And the climbers can click on that way we can help them get to the traverse. Everyone nods then. They begin shouting directions at climbers clip on here. Fix your harnesses to this rope. But everyone is moving so slowly. One of the climbers just lays there in the snow unresponsive gazing blankly up at the sky pemba crouches down and wraps his arms around the man's torso hauling up. Another sherpa helps flipping the climber's harness onto the rope. Line get up. You have to stand now. There could be an avalanche at any time. He's relieved to see two of the climbers. Now appear alert. Cast his teammate. From the north team and marco comfort tola the only italian climber to make it up to the summit from the italian team. Marco was an experienced climber and guide having summited six of the tallest mountains in the world. Hembo is glad to have us help. Pemba checks the line and turns to the climbers. Let's go please. We need to walk but walking is hard for everyone with each step. The climbers feet sink into the snow. Making them think they're on a steeper. Climb than they are. One climber takes two steps forward and plops back down into the snow exhausted pulling others down with them. Some of them fall asleep. Get up please. You have to keep moving together. None of them can see the trail when they do walk they wander left and right bumping into each other pemba worries a disoriented climber street too close to the edge and they'll fall off dragging everyone else with them in the dark. It's hard to see anything but the ropes must be here somewhere all at once. The line of climbers stops and one by one they sink to the ground and relief then a few clip from the line and begin to wander off premise. Is this isn't working. He gathers the sherpas again. This is impossible to find the start of the fixed rope passing. You come with me. We'll go ahead when we find the rope. You signal back to the others and you come with your headlamp okay. Pasang lama is the sherpa from the korean team. He knots he in pemba moved quickly up the snow until they find the ridge of the rock down below embassies. The first anchor glinting in the headland saying this is it using them to the others and wait for them here. I'll repel down to check the rest of the anchors and make sure the rope securely fixed. When pemba gets to the first anchor he sees it solid. The second isn't a secure and the rope line is buried beneath ice and snow. He pulls it out and fixes a second screw next to him. He doesn't get to the third anchor because a few feet past the second he can see. Something's not quite right. The rope is hanging loose. It's not tied to an anchor. It's not tied to anything. It looks like it's been cut by something. But what pemba aims. His light around the bottleneck. The light cast shadows craggy rock then. He aims his headlamp straight up. A huge chunk of this is simply gone. It's collapsed there. Must have been an avalanche. He points his headlamp down the bottleneck below and his heart starts to race. The avalanche away everything including the rope. Now he has no idea how. The climbers coin to get down..

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