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We got odd latte we'll see if that equals a chris paul no loss of chris paul nagas answer that buttons got a lot of people what is villa allstar game sinn around the huddle right no say post practice coats brigham what britain cosimo allstar nods to announce our art and then you know the obvious was people like me i mean uh beautyrest smith area abreu from like okay with the within you know and they say the war there in the first time you got to save civilian actors you guys you know saying when her name the core immediately justice set their right look the tear kabbah led to stop right here too we hit the cheek they naturally i was like guy cardis me some and it felt no for real it feels like when you i guess if you graduate and become a doctor or a lawyer or judge where they have to call you buy 'nother show yeah for the rest of your life so dr you'll be the worst dr ever kill king people die every day but you attacked her so i was like man no matter what happens now you have to always say all pro or pro bowl you can't just call me a d and i liked the risk for although the end your i know all prouteau also okay here and then at this you know mia tick befall because they five dollars five got an honest price war it will say this was an era where those nights were never alone never alone never alone had lewis uber that's a major issue editors who does how you talking about man dogma border mark mark inner virus up are guilty guys get after neared i will get a look at part of discussions here is you got a lot more generate it'll players in the last 40 years nba eighty you in the first forty years of the nba and what separates guys from our rush more is hitting tiago point fill the question is in here in your career are trying to get them out rush more maybe giving tips are more important jamal crawford not gonna be on that mountaintop at any point he'll make your money.

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