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Original with michael michael irvin was to see famous. Oh okay so go boo watching the original longest yard get some longest movie coming through. Bob sapp is that who you're talking about now. I have no idea american football player. Best known for his career as a kickboxer mixed martial art. No this was just an actor. He just passed away recently. I thought it was the same guy and yellow. Spice commercials noah. That's that's harry crew. Terry crews he is in the movie and he's definitely not dead. No this is star of brooklyn nine nine. The other guy that just died was not the same guy. Go on smoothly. I i've i've said enough to isn't it though i forgot about that. Joint coco diaz his. Yeah he's on rogan all time. He's estonian. He isn't as big. Tony isn't there's another famous comedian in there but he does like jorgen doesn't like him. I don't know goldberg goldberg weird anyway. Yep sorry. I didn't research a whole lot in time. So my number eight right running is this is. I think a widely underrated movie in. This is right win. Adam sandler started kind of going downhill with netflix. Type movies and things of where people pandered him a little bit like didn't like what he was doing. But i did like this movie. I put it off for a long time to watch it and it's called. Don't mess with the zone of that movie. I like it a lot and this is where. That's not netflix. Way oh no. I know that it's not a netflix movie. But i'm saying like after this movie is where it started trending to that path. It's a little mental. It wasn't a happy madison production anymore. It went to like i'm selling out to net flicks came at obviously came like seven years later than the two thousand fifteen twenty sixteen that he did that but it was trending to that path like the way his movies were going. Were different from that point on. I feel like and. I put it off for a long time. Because i thought this movie was looked silly. I how that movie is. You've shit and i did and i did and then i re watched it since then and really enjoy. The first time i watched shows like. I don't know that. I watched it again. Then i watched again. And i've ended up watching it multiple times now and every time i feel like it gets better. I think it's hilarious. I think he's funny. He plays like a special forces type dude from israel israel israel and he fakes his death. He becomes a hairstylist like the way he's the hairstyle. Everything about me john. Turturro in is the fact that johnson has played a reoccurring. It's not a reoccurring character but like been a reoccurring actor and some of these movies. I think he sells it for me and a lot of these movies. Because i love that do and that might be the first time knicks worsens in a movie with him. Grandma's boy out before this now visible. He wasn't in grandma's boy am saying there wasn't no no i know he wasn't but nobody. No no grandma's boy would have been after him and grim it listen..

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