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It just seems like every other year. Brian Kelly's maybe hitting that. It's his last year at Notre Dame. So I Where's the timelines? Mix up their mad. How long do you think that Brian Kelly has there? Well, you know, I think it's going to be interesting. I mean, listen, I I've always felt like you know, Brian Kelly situation, you know, to me. The next logical step with him would be the NFL. You know, I mean, like, if you're gonna, and that's something his name has been kind of going about. It is the idea that Eventually they'll be that noted about NFL job You really want to go after and I think that would mean it would be the thing that would pull him away. If that's the case then and the Notre Dame job is going to be one of the most coveted job in the country. Every time that job opens up, you know Urban Meyer's name going to be thrown in there, You know, there's gonna be another couple big name coaches in there, so I'm not sure you know Tommy's case. It may be difficult for that coach awaiting spot right away if it happens within the next year or two. He's there for, you know, 34 more years. Maybe that big psychological transition, particularly recruiting and things like that, But if it happened sooner than that, you know, I think you're gonna hear a lot of big name coach's name thrown in the mix because that job is just so You know, it's such a big time program that people really coveted. So again. I think why Kelly knows that clock is there and he wants to continue. Give that chance to get into the playoffs and maybe a chance for the national championship. Matt Murschel joining us on the show. Speaking of the NFL, and maybe that NFL job Ah, couple of reports today that Jim Harbaugh might think about something like that. Now, this is normal. This is this is a yearly occurrence here. But there were a lot of fans who were really upset. I I was listening to 97 1 ticket after the loss to Michigan State, and that felt for the first time really, amongst the fans and like The people who are really Ann Arbor that the gloves came off for Jim Harbaugh. And I go. Yeah, you know, you say that, but it's always been this way with Michigan. They re evaluated the end of the year if Michigan finishes six into Jim Harbaugh and going anywhere. I think their best shot if they really want to get rid of this guy is the NFL. Do you think Jim Harbaugh Because all of this may very well entertain the NFL this time and go back, maybe to the Jets Trevor Laurence. I'm trying to put two and two together here, Matt. Yeah. You know, I think that that could be a logical step. Well, I've always said that. I don't think it's going to come that Michigan got fired Jim home harbored a point. I think what would more likely happen? Is that Jim? Horrible with believing his on court? I think it Again. Like you said. Maybe he gets a little tired of the college game. The challenge of it right now He wants to move on and go back to the NFL and try to see what you can do there as well. So I much there up and down the marble tenure at Michigan. I'm just not sure it's the school's going to, you know, make that move. I mean, listen. I try to point this out to people that you know 1 70% of the games at Michigan and before he got there, Michigan kind of irrelevant nationally, you know, for a period there is about about five or six years, so He's done. What he kind of expected him to do is get them back to relevancy. Now they just haven't been national contenders and it had the struggle here in there. So to me, I think it's going to come down to Is there a job in the NFL? That really appealed to him, and he feels like this is the best nutrition at this point, and that's how I think eventually in Michigan, I don't think you get pushed out the door because I just keep here. I totally agree with you. I just keep hearing the Ah, the bitch in the morning about how he has no quarterback over. This's an NFL coach. That's what we say about NFL coaches. We don't have a quarterback. You don't have a chance. Meanwhile, legal Reilly just create some And they get him at Ohio State. Guys who for the most part are not great NFL prospects. I will see what happens with Justin Fields here, but all these other guys, they don't use this as an excuse. Like I just keep hearing for Jim Harbaugh, go. Listen, I know you wanted to come back, and you're a Michigan man. The average 9.5 wins. That's good. That's really, really good in comparison to Brady Hoke in Rich Rod, and you ever since Lloyd Carr, they pushed him out of there. Just go back to the NFL. It's more natural that fit their for Jim. Horrible. Matt Marshall joining us on the show Georgia, Florida who you got I got Florida right now. I think just because the fact that the offense look good. I know they had a little time off, obviously with the Kobe situation, But you're being Florida playing really confidently with that. That offense with Kyle traffic, I'll pitch. I think he's going to have issues. But let's listen in Georgia struggling offensively with that invented a quarterback, and he hasn't been very good the last couple weeks, So I mean, I think this is an opportunity to Florida to make a big statement. I think Dan Mullen and help fight on the field with Michigan, Missouri. I think that was Dan Mullen, trying to get his team fired up. I think it's all that what he felt like his team was listless, and he wanted to find a way to get that kind of fired up and ready to go. And they did that would carry over today and hopefully get The floor of that chopper tuning, maybe to get that win that they haven't adult lockup here. I couldn't agree with you more about that, and I know, like the Darth Vader stuff. Okay, Everybody overreacted. I get it. It is kind of it is kind of behavior unbecoming of a college football head coach, But you know what? It just fits of Florida Spurrier War. The visor He wears the visor spirit was a loud mouth. He seems to be a loud mouth. College football does need heels. They do need bad guys. And why not? Why not Let let Dan Mullen be the bad guy in the S E. C. Yeah. And look what Dan, This is not a weird year for Dan. I mean, it starts with the comments about, you know, feeling the swamp during the middle of the pandemic, And then right afterwards, you know the program gets shut down because I've called it. Harder with comments will be complaining about, you know, missing time because of the election and the rule that, you know, basically, you know, they couldn't practice on election day and then you know you have the fight on everything. And then you know, after the fight wherever they want to talk about the fight, he shows up wearing the dark Vader costume, So it just feels a little weird, and I think a little bit again. If that's what he wants to play the field. He wants to be at that kind of level than that. I'm sure that fine, especially if they win today, they got beat Georgia there they would be in the East. I don't think they're going to a lot of Florida fans. They're going to grumble too much..

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