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He's going to get much time. Do we give Liverpool a shot at Anfield of overturning a three-goal deficit this? I like, okay. My head says, no. But like, my my heart knowing met this is at the semifinal stage of in considering all the ridiculous comes back. We've seen over the last couple of seasons and how insane and open and like and just balls to the wall. I feel like Liverpool is going to play in the second leg. Maybe. But highly highly unlikely it's tough to because as nickel mentioned there. Obviously fighting for the league they have a match away at Newcastle on Saturday and then Barcelona on Tuesday, so not much rest for the weary. Nico. Do you think there's any shot? No. I think there's definitely a shot in hell and hell maybe more vague, and we can say Anfield and feel very special place and we've seen it just a couple of years ago with cloth against that door team. That was probably one of the better teams in Europe. Despite being in the euro the league there's always a shot with a little boy thinking that's something that their supporters very much believe in and feels like I said, it's very special place though, I wouldn't put it at them. But at the same time, this is very special Barcelona team with a very special version of the greatest player ever seen. So there's a lot. There's a lot of life were you were ten or tweeting about this during the game the common the commentary about the way that this or nest of overt team plays. It was just kind of like. Acting as though like messy was being forced to into a role that he doesn't favor despite him kind of playing the same role for the last two years. I think the the weird thing about the way that Barcelona was set up today was the fact that vote Verde does open so much space up the field. But then doesn't play his fastest attacking players. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I remember there was something. I it was a game. I wrote about in his first year where team who are probably one of the high pressing teams in Europe, let alone the league they completely locked Barcelona in their own half. And for forty five minutes, they they completely shut down of our salons attack and didn't allow them to register any shots men in the second half. They brought on Billy. He was able to convince right that high line. And that's those strange thing is that they have now the players purchase of continuing then belly to kind of eliminate how their high Pratt, but they continue to. Cake with the best friend duo of messy and Suarez which is good. But at the same time, it's almost like they have solution to every problem that can come at them. Which makes this team really really scary. I it did seem throughout large parts of the game that whenever messy received the ball. He was quickly surrounded by life, four or five white shirts. But, you know, MRs messy Esau fivethirtyeight report that this year MRIs responsible for over forty one percent of the goals in assists for for Barcelona, which is the most I guess in over over a decade for that club. So. Ronning Barcelona this year. Yeah. Yeah. Let's quickly talking about yesterday's match. I XE getting a crucial away goal. We'll see how crucial it is in a one no victory over Tottenham at their new stadium Spurs, of course, we're starting without the red hot Sono men and because of yellow card accumulation Tottenham start. I'm sorry. I asked started pants on fire. They were dominating the match and then Spurs work their way back into it. But couldn't equalize nica. What did you make of it?.

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