Richmond Virginia, Jared Halpern, House Judiciary Committee discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


After a near perfect day weather wise yesterday more of the same today but more heat coming for us right now fifty two degrees on her way to a high of eighty two tomorrow ninety one for a high good morning it is Colorado's morning news built on police reform in Colorado is heading to the state house floor it was approved in committee late last night after hours of testimony the bill includes a ban on charcoal to roll back of immunity for officers from being sued and other items both sides are making subtle changes and that's led to lead to support for Miller county sheriff Justin Smith I think that's a win for Colorado when you bring all sides together you know those are demanding more for both sides in the legislature and your law enforcement professionals once a bill that we all along it's a bill world gonna benefit from Democrats are confident that they can get the bill to the governor's desk by the end of this week the measure was brought forward after the recent death of George Floyd Minneapolis while in police custody on Capitol Hill yesterday members of the house committee heard from those directly impacted by police violence felonies Floyd often teared up describing the last moments of his brother George Floyd when you watch a big brother who you looked up to for your whole life dia di bigger boys mom told the house Judiciary Committee to stop the pain as lawmakers consider police accountability legislation Angela Underwood Jacobs described her pain to her brother was a federal officer shot and killed guarding a courthouse in Oakland California during protests that followed Floyd's death it is a ridiculous solution to proclaim that the funding police departments is the solution to produce police brutality and discrimination the committee could advance a police reform bill next week Jared Halpern fox news following similar events in Richmond Virginia and Boston on Tuesday night protesters in St Paul Minnesota pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus right outside the state capitol on Wednesday.

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