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But on the wall things are going. Well, we're all getting along even the moment feels like Christmas partisan politics. Nobody can stop the show because the other side goes for something that's meant to score political points. And then the tit for tat begins. And then it just gets absolutely useless in terms of the conversations we have that so many political conversations are totally useless. Right. Totally totally useless because people are routed into whatever their beliefs. Are they're locked into echo chambers. They love I news stories all the time that are. So just flat out, obviously wrong that are so clearly fake sourced that are absolutely nonsense. But it's created and put together to appease your current beliefs right to feed into what you already think, and you get that positive feedback. Loop going and the echo chambers in silos give you what you want and we continue to be divided. We'll never get a political system in this country where people are actually just talking about the issues and not playing games. I hate the political games. They're fine. They they apparently like them more than just actually having a conversation because that's what everybody was doing their scoring those points one by one. I don't know if you guys have seen this clip. I guess it's I I don't know. I'm I'm taking a guess here. I think it's going viral because I think the Oprah YouTube account reposted it. But I thought this was funny. It was like a flashback clip from Oprah Winfrey. Show way back in two thousand six I don't know if they do this anymore, but they used to have a Pillsbury bake off contest where the whole would compete, and if you want, and you got the best recipe, you got a million dollars a million bucks. And you also. Got a big tour of all the different media outlets that we're following along for Pillsbury second great ad campaign viral before viral way back when and so- Oprah her show in full swing at the time has this Pillsbury bake off contest winner in for her baked chicken and spinach stuffing that won a million dollars the recipe won her a million bucks. You win the whole competition. And the lady goes through everything here's the recipe. Here's how you do it. They do this. And you do that. And Oprah goes to take a bite, and this is the part when you're supposed to go. Oh my God. Delicious, and Oprah doesn't like it. Bad cookie. The lady the lady because just say you like it, even if you don't like just say like it. Where's the salt and pepper in this thing? Gillies zalm. She win this contest. To get so far. If if Oprah's not going to like, I don't know she she did not make something that Oprah was down with. Here's how..

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